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    Magic is a tool to develop your self, help you, its manipulation of energy by the use of will. Too many people think magic is something you can’t explain, some is stuck in the childhood;
    seeing magic only as changing people into frogs etc, and some people merely watch too much TV...

    Astral travelling is an easy way for someone to explain what magic can be. Rituals is a tool to help you to canalise the energy in the right way, it’s a tool. Like symbols are used to guide you.

    I believe in and stand for:

    I have no idea how many times I have been asked this question. Sometimes out of curiosity due to the way I dress or do my make up, sometimes simply due to the topic at hand, or something I say. And some times with a sincere wish to know.

    I have been called a Christian, a Satanist, a witch and many other things during my life.

    I believe in nature, I believe in mankind, I believe in will.

    Sometimes it is right to say that I believe in life, death, destiny, fate, reincarnation and many other things. Sometimes it is right to say I only believe in me, life, will, dreams, hopes, goals and love.

    I also find it easy to say that I believe in honesty and truth.
    I believe in faithfulness, loyalty, spirits, ghosts, tarot, and many other things to.

    I have Christian morals but it doesn’t make me believe in God.

    I am a God my self, I believe in many of the life views of Satanism, but that doesn’t make me burn churches down.

    The rules are simple. Take care of those you love and deem fit the respect and love from you.

    Do not seek trouble avoid it. Do what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Respect your elders. Now if I point out which of these said things that were Christian or Satanic, you would be stunned. As they are all a part of the same. The last about the elders is Christian the rest is morals from Satanism. Surprised? If not, then good. If so, well who wouldn’t be.

    I believe in my self, my own will and ability. Love is the law, love under will. I am a God and so are you We are all perfect, and still not. We are all the centre of the universe still we are all unimportant in the greater picture.

    My will is my path to follow, like life it is eternally changing still aiming for certain goals. I do what I want in life, adjusting to the world, harming none unless needed on my path.
    My will is my law.

    I believe in things from the Buddhism, Hinduism, occultism, Darwinism, Spiritism, shamanism, Wicca, witch craft, Christianity, and more.

    I have taken out small pieces here and there and putt them together as I see fit. I have made my own set of believes from what I have read. Taken the books, thrown them away to keep only the fragments that seems right to me.

    My will is to be all I can be. We are all centre points in the universe. And I will be a centre in the circle of it all, my circle. And in this way I will be a part of everything. I desire more than knowledge, the knowledge that turns to wisdom, the wisdom that becomes a part of me.

    I want to feel the ecstasy one feels when you turn and become one with the universe.

    To become one with the power this universe is, to know and to feel, to realise, to be one with the power. To become the ideal of what I wish to be, to express this force directly through me.
    To identify my self with my view of “the perfect” being. Something that will say; to be all that I can be.

    The one I wish to be. I am a little part of the universe, an endless universe, and everyone has their own place in this great nothing, little but still so divine. The one claiming no one is perfect, lied. We are all perfect in our own ways if we wish to be. One is who one is, one can evolve into so much more. There is no one who can prevent you from reaching your goal, except from one. You..

    How you chose to achieve your goals, is up to you. Do not let others control your path, find you own path to follow. Walk alone if you wish it so, to become what you want to be. But you do not have to walk this path with others, you can walk it on your own or share it. In the development there is many who seeks a teacher, a guide.

    Once I wished for that… But the past years taught me that I need to learn things on my own. Walk my own path. Feel my own thoughts not others. I need to learn things my way or not at all.

    ”Some learns through books, others can not learn through them as they already inhabit the knowledge. Some uses books simply like tools on their path.”

    A wise man once said:

    ”In the self creation of the perfect ideal I used the sun as an image. The sun must shine its power out in the world as light and heat, without holding anything back. This creates a new direction in the consciousness, who goes the opposite way of egoism. So I identify my self with this, and put my self into the life source, the spirit, like the power identical with what as so superficial is being called God. When the mind is directed that way, and doesn’t hold anything back, life it self will automatically, by law, respond and give it self to the world through you. And when you get so excited by feeling the immense joy, it will leave you. You will try to grab for it, and it will move further away. You will discover that you can not run after it and only gain it by being. To grab a hold of, is to do something, based on egoism. To be is something simpler then the easiest doing, action. That is why it is so hard for the mind, its simplicity is not easy to grasp at all. You have to let go, entirely let go. Then you are.

    In the being one can not do anything at all, because then the completion on all doings, just like silence holds all sounds. If you desire bread, you won’t bake, but hold out your hands with your being, and this will create the image of the bread in your being core, and the bread will be in your hands to be shared with those who are hungry. You your self is filled with life This is what magic is, and you do not need to be trained by books to accomplish this.”

    Here there is a lot of thoughts growing, thoughts from years back. The man who wrote this, wrote it in a part of a bigger conversation we shared. In lack of words to explain, I choose to use his words to express my own opinion as he and I finished each others sentences, thoughts and believes by words so many times that repeating them with a slight difference would be a waste of time. And time is precious.

    The road I have chosen to walk is lonely at times. I do not seek someone who understand me and my thoughts throughout, but some who has in some ways the same goals or wishes as I do. A similar thought or two would not be bad though. I seek someone alike me, but not identical. I seek someone who can challenge me mentally and through life. Someone who can grow on me, and who I can grow on back.


    I have long believed in more lives. Two years ago almost now if I am not wrong, a woman described to me a perfect image of an old memory I have carried with me for years and years. A memory of my past, not mentioned by me. This memory is something that has haunted me since I was a child. My parents and my family could not make the memory fit in anywhere, regardless of my stubborn questions about it. I waited to tell about it until I was around 13 years old or before. I would not recall for sure.

    This woman a foot therapist claimed this memory to be of a pervious life. Not this one. And that this was the reason to why it was so clear to me, so real. She claims to not be psychic, but she does see things that others don’t. She just cant force it out. And sometimes she sees nothing. But when it comes to me she has seen many things and been right about it.
    I went to her to test her. And by testing her I also tested my self. I am not dead. My intuition is just closed down, my own self defence from the things I do not wish to know. Still it pops through now and then. Sadly.

    But the point here was that when she said so, when she saw this memory and described it. It did not haunt me any longer.

    “When a need over goes the will, it is time to make distance, look closer on that need, and let it tell you what it truly wants.. Does it fit with your will? Maybe. Is it correct that this need should over rule your will? Is to have a need without wanting it, to want it because one fels good about creating the life this way? Often it can be healthy to withstand a need to show to your self that you are the one in control. When you have proved this to your self, you can safely allow the need again. It is all about inner focus.”

    I have done this more then once and it works, at times it works almost to good. One needs to remember that if one denies one self something one needs to replace it with something else. The balance will not vanish, nor the total.

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