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    Post  Tula on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:09 am

    Me and people:

    I wish to know all I can about people, but sometimes I digg to deep, but I am trying to digg less deep now, working on changing that habit. I often have questions, but not all things can be thought by words. Some needs to be experienced. If I have never seen a person there can be many thoughts, questions and opinions circulating inside my mind. But like I said before not all things can be answered by words.

    “How you do you move, how does your eyes really look like, your voice sound, what do you think about right now sitting there staring at the screen….

    “How do you feel like, do you breath heavy when you are sleeping, what do you think about when you wake up in the morning, how does your hands feel, what is hidden deep within you, what is your naked true will, when did you stop wearing diapers, what makes you smile, what do you miss in your life, what makes you laugh?”

    “What makes you feel loved, what kind of sorrows do you carry… Bad habits, where do you live, are you a control freak, what makes you feel truly alive, what do you want to do in life that you already have not, what do you fear in life?”

    Some times it is relevant and some times it is not. That is how the world is, and there is plenty of other things I wonder about when I write with people I have never met. Personally I prefer looking people into their eyes when I talk to them but in this world that is not always possible.

    And learning all at once would ruin the joy of getting to know someone.

    Friends, social life:

    I feel most comfortable with people who can stimulate me intellectually, people who has experienced life, people with knowledge, wisdom, depth. People who has their own opinions, believes and thoughts who has not just been imprinted into their minds by the world it self, but discovered on their own.

    (Yes, one does get things from somewhere but people quoting books of wisdom and knowledge without a way to explain things backed up by own thoughts and words… ) Sometimes it is of course lovely to lean back and simply have a superficial talk, catching up, discussing past events and so on.

    These “shallow” conversations is needed and most appreciated but in the long run I need something more.

    If a person doesn’t give me anything, not speaking of physical items or material things what so ever, but people who doesn’t give me anything from who they are is people that doesn’t really linger in my life.

    If you look at your friends and your self you might notice that those you feel closest to are people who has a function for you in some kind of level.

    It can be hard to define what kind of function every individual you spend time with voluntarily by your own will. But there is always a function some how. One can try to find it out by sorting them into categories, but then again why do so? You don’t need to do that unless you actually ask your self why you spend time with this or that person.

    And sometimes one chooses who to called based on those needs. A need to discuss things, a need for someone to watch a movie with, a shoulder to cry on, getting set in place.. All those different things…

    My mood usually controls who I spend my time with, unless it is all by random.

    Which it often is.

    And most usually I have no idea how a day will turn out.

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