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    Post  Tula on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:32 am

    All people make an image of how things are and how others are. To make sense of it, the make boxes to place people in,they create measures for all and words to describe them.

    All have their different views and opinions, and they make perspectives on how things are.
    Most people have a need to do this, simply to understand and to manage to live in the world as we see it. They need to separate people from each other
    with more than just a different name. But also they do this to satisfy the need to define. Define to grasp, to make sense, to see and to understand.

    I am like this to but merely to make myself understood, and I am like you a human to.
    Someone sees other people better than others do.

    But they often have a problem seeing them self in a clear view.

    If you ask me if I am good at something, I can easily tell you what; but after whose measures can I say that I am good at all?

    How can you know without comparison..

    Simply because you know. But for most that truth is not enough. The need to be seen, to be loved, to be recognized and cherished is too high. As the love for yourself and faith in you as you are is too low.

    People say that no one is perfect, but who can say so.
    People say that I know you so well, but if they are not me how can they know. I am me and I must see me and judge me after my own views, opinions, measures
    and all I am is me.. I know what I can and cannot, what I feel and feel not.

    You don’t know more then I allow you to know. Humans in general like I experience them and see them, mostly seem to pretend that they are more stupid then they really are.

    Not all people fall under this category though. An image seems to have been developed over the last years. An image which means that it’s not cool to study, learn, finish school,paying attention and so on. This image created for some reason has made
    us unmotivated to seek out goals, unmotivated to even try to find the purpose of your life, to find your own will, to become the best you can be.

    I am a very shy person even though I am very talkative and love to meet new people.

    But the people I call my friends are my friends for reasons. I care about theme of course but all has a function for someone. If someone gives you nothing (not materialistically speaking) Then what function do they have for you, none. To find what function they have for you must define theme and what they give you.

    I love people who I can have non shallow conversations whit, people who can stimulate my mind, inspire me and who has some sharing interests or views with me.
    And I need to get to know them at a higher level, not just a shallow level.

    I get easily attached to people, no matter if I know theme or not. If I am used to having them around and they suddenly are not around anymore, it’s sad. Just talking to theme over phone, net or just on the buss everyday... If I have met you more than once, I probably like what I have seen in you as a person, or I just try to avoid causing a bad feeling in the group of people by showing my dislike of you...

    Mostly likely I find you interesting though if I spend energy on getting to know you.

    I am a person who is always changing and unlike some people, I notice it fast.

    It doesn’t just hit me in the face one morning. And I often spend time alone trying to figure out who I am, what I wish with my life, and what my true will is.

    Sometimes because of past feelings to things, I find myself confused on what as is now and
    what as have been. Now at this writing moment I am trying to put the past where it should be.
    As I need to live in the now. So I am cleaning up big time.

    People who have at some point been very special to me are not easily chased away in the now for me, so I need to kick theme back to where they belong. As if they or that in any way gets brought back into the now, the old feelings about the issues, the event, the sorrow, the love etc suddenly may seem just as real or strong again, even though it is not....

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