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    Knowledge, morals, forgiveness and questions.


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    Knowledge, morals, forgiveness and questions. Empty Knowledge, morals, forgiveness and questions.

    Post  Tula on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:38 am

    There is a lot of questions. And it all comes from the search and need for knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge is something mankind always have held high. I do that as well. I want to learn and know. But when everything comes to everything knowledge and wisdom is just tools in life, that you use for your own advantage.

    One needs knowledge, a fair share of wisdom and instincts to survive. Keeping them all in a good balance is the primary part that keeps you alive and lets you evolve.

    On the other hand knowledge and wisdom means nothing. Philosophical questions can be placed on a shelve, for what as matters is what’s between you and me. That is all that matters in the end. May you be my friend, my sister or my lover. It does not matter.

    One can survive many disappointments through life, but one should always stand for what one believes in. Some may question if the morals and beliefs should stand in the way for “forgiving”, and it has to be up to the one in the position to give it.

    Some things can simply not be forgiven and forgot. Some can forgive, but not forget. And if you do one and not the other, then what is the point?
    I know there are things in my life I cannot forgive, because I will not be able to forget.

    I have forgiven deep wounds given, things that is considered by law to be a crime. Still things like cheating, is something I can ot forgive. Why?

    Because I have always said and always will say:

    “If you wish to “cheat” on me. Give me a call, ask me if I think it is alright, or simply leave me before you act on what you feel. As it might be so that I would say it was fine with me. Especially if I could be there. That changes a lot. Still none who has cheated on me has ever asked. And those who have been caught cheating in one way or another and regretted it, should have thought twice. A phone call is not that much to ask for.”

    ”Never do something against someone that you could not handle having done against yourself. As if you treat me like shit, I will treat you like shit or simply ignore you as a living being.”

    ”I may have done the same error as you have, earlier in my life. Does that automatically make it right for everyone coming to my life later on to do the same against me? No. If you think you can walk all over me, think twice. I can be a bitch when I have a reason good enough for it.”

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