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    Selfishness Empty Selfishness

    Post  Tula on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:40 am

    The highest form of love between two people is when love embraces all that is, all life, all possibilities. Then you do not need anything else but each other. This is what I long for.

    Longing for this, one that is yours for good and bad, is something special. It is selfish to wish for something like that, but still not. Even the highest form of spiritual longing in life to make the world a better place for everyone in it, is a selfish thought, because you do not handle or wish to live with the pain of knowing someone is suffering, one wants to help others to ease the pain one feels inside of themselves or to make yourself look better in the eyes of others. An unselfish act, but something still that gains you somehow.

    Some claims that for example Satanism is all about selfishness. But they are wrong. Everything is about selfishness in your life, depending on the perspective and the eye who sees. Satanism is something I will not go deep into here and now, it is just a good example on something that is comprehended in a wrong way by most beings in this world. Its misunderstood.

    Is selfishness truly selfishness, does it all depend on what and how and why?
    Am I any less selfish if I don’t want to see someone in pain, then I am if I want the best looking purse? If I help the one in pain I can gain “glory” points in others eyes, if I have the best looking purse I can gain points in others eyes then to.

    The definition of selfishness is wide and spread. Is it more than what your eye sees, your brain comprehends, the eyes hear? Is everything judged on the why’s or the doings?

    It is up to you to decide what is and what isn’t.. All I can hope for is that you use more than three seconds to make up your mind.

    “The outer point is always seemingly the same, what as is low measures and what as is high measures, is scaring in its resemblance on the surface but entirely different in its core. It is what you find in the middle that stands out as something else.”

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