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    The Angel and The Dove  Dove10
    The Angel and the Dove

    He sits there looking down on the only thing that keeps him from fading. His light, his love, since she was a child and he saw her playing running through a vast a forest, smiling, enjoying every little second, he found hope.

    His wings spread again, and her joy of life; brought him life..
    They grew stronger once more, and he found himself once again able to spread them and fly… But now it all changed. The once so happy child, had grown into a woman, just as fascinating to him, still giving him hope with her pureness and joy to everything. But as he always did when he had some time ;he watched her. Saw her being forced into her house.

    The man forcing her inside raised a knife to her throat. He sat there watching, his mind flowed, thinking of what he wished he could do, but there was nothing. Unable to do anything he just watched her, as she died. His eyes got blank and the tears fell down his cheeks, and his wings fell down to the sides..

    In the pain of losing her he decided to do one thing, one last thing to honor her memory. A Gift to her, a token to what she had given him. He flew down lifted her up and sent a light into the man before him, watching him taking his last breath before he flew away. Holding her close to his chest, afraid of losing her. Grateful to feel her close to him, for one last time..
    He stopped on the top of a big hill, the sun was going down behind him and he held her then, out in his arms.

    He focused and let his powers flow through her body, a light poured out of her and her body changed. A little dove appeared in his arms… He touched it and let his emotions flow. The tears ran down his face, his eyes flowed over. But it did not matter to him anymore…   He lifted his arms higher, knowing he had lost now, for good as he watched her fly away. ..

    His feet could hold him, no longer, and he fell down on his knees. And when the sun went down, his body had faded away..

    He gave his light to her..   and lost his own.

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