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    Old, not just mine but others too.


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    Old, not just mine but others too.  Empty Old, not just mine but others too.

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    Most of these coming poems have authors
    Unknown to me, some are mine.
    If you see a poem you have made here
    Then let me know and I will take it away.

    I have gathered them up from friends,
    Some from my mind and many from different
    Books I have read during my life.
    I hope you will enjoy it.

    ..***Sea Priestess***...

    I am the soundless, boundless, bitter sea.
    All tides are mine, answer unto me.
    Tides of the airs, tides of the inner earth,
    The secret, silent tides of death and birth.
    Tides of men’s souls, dreams and destiny -
    Isis Veiled, and Ea , Binah, Ge....

    As black as the night can get,
    everything is safer now.
    There is always a way to forget,
    once you learn the way how.
    In the blur of serenity,
    where did we get lost?
    The flowers of naivety,
    buried in a layer of frost.
    A fool’s devotion,
    swallowed up in empty space,
    the tears of regret,
    frozen on the side of a face.
    There is a game I play,
    to try to make my self okay.
    Try so hard to make all pieces fit,
    go on like always, smash it apart,
    just for the fuck of it.

    In summer he will hold
    His arms around me..
    In skies of deepest blue
    Together at last, together we two.

    Close your ears to the sound of my voice
    and trough the thunder of cannons
    you will hear it calling your name

    Blind you’re self to the light in my eyes
    and trough the blackness of eternal light
    you will feel them piercing your soul

    Insulate your body against my hands
    and trough blocks of ice
    it will tremble in response of my touch

    Turn your cheek away from my breath
    and trough layers of rock
    You will feel it against your lips.

    And musty....

    Like jungle grass

    ...***Vulcan’s Song***...

    There is a star I have never seen
    Lost in a prayer
    And somehow, the answer to love is there

    I must go where the Star was born...
    Many years ago..
    Then somehow...
    The answer to love I’ll know...

    Hidden by midnight...
    Yet near to the sun
    High on a far off cloud
    How can I see it with eyes ever blind?
    Just stumbling alone with the crowd?

    I must search for my star alone
    Just a dream or two behind
    Yet somewhere...
    The answer to love..
    I know...
    I`ll find..

    I must go now...
    Don’t hold me with your eyes
    Or reach your heart across the room like that
    Or my own will break...

    Love you? Of course I love you

    That’s why... I have to go...

    Before you know...
    How much...

    ...***Bloody Kisses***...

    You kiss cut me like a razor,
    Hold me down and take my heart,
    Watch as I become just as you,
    As I have been right from the start.
    Touch me and I`ll burn like fire,
    Like a moth drawn to the flame,
    You fill me with hellish desire.
    Give me what I have always wanted,
    Make me happy that you came.
    See the terror on their faces,
    We are the things that others fear.
    Disbelievers think we will go away,


    Shadows that seam to disappear..


    Where has it all gone wrong?
    I release the rope to which I was holding on
    This is where it has to end
    But though I can’t save my self
    I know somehow I have failed again
    I see the worlds failing sins.
    I can feel the broken pieces,
    Catching under the skin
    And all though there is nothing,
    Left to give...
    They say to try to pick it up
    To try again to live...

    I say”just one more chance"
    I try to do the right steps in this
    Ever lasting dance
    But I know I’ll trip and fall
    No one
    Can break even without
    Climbing... another wall.

    There’s nothing but dark isolation
    Just the endlessness of failure



    You icy voice put out the stars
    It cracked my heart,
    Broke it in splinters
    Your tone as cold
    As Colorado winters

    But I promised to soon forget
    The contract we almost made
    You’ll feel
    The swift response of an equal
    As the dream begins to fade

    I’ll drown you in pseudo kindness
    As a casual, friendly glance
    I can almost imagine your blindness
    As I watch and wait

    For the chance...

    To suddenly - cruelly- make you know...

    How easy it was to let you go...

    ...***As I Die***...

    Stare as eyes uphold me,
    And wait to see right trough,
    And curse me... the love has crippled you...
    Shadows haunt the night,
    Burning my disguise.
    Reaping trough the truth,
    Life becomes untrue...
    Sin the last diversion,
    My faith will be untouched.
    Dismissed now,
    The anger of a fool...
    Shadows haunt the night,
    Forgive me as I die...
    Taking a chance and take what you gain.
    My soul it has no prise...
    Total release it out of harms,
    Wait until I can decide...
    You punish me,
    Can’t you see...?
    No real tears flowing free...
    Passing by... as I die...

    ....The Planets....

    We fought a long and bitter war...
    My twin soul and I...

    Lost and lonely, fallen angels, exiled
    From a misty, half-forgotten galaxy of stars...
    Wounded cruelly by the painful thrust of Mars
    Caught in Neptune’s tangled web

    By the sudden, awful violence of Uranus
    Crushed beneath the icy weight of stern,
    Unyielding Saturn
    Who lengthened every hour into a day?
    Each day into a year....
    Each year into eternities of waiting...

    Scorched and nearly blinded

    By the Sun’s exploding burst of arrogance and pride
    As Eve and Adam, stilled and helpless
    Deep within us cried...

    Still we fought on in relenting fury
    Striking blow for blow...
    Driven by the pounding drums
    Of Jupiter’s giant, throbbing passions...
    Stumbling at the precipice of the
    Moons enticing madness.

    To fall, at last, in trembling fear
    Before the threat of Pluto’s ominous,
    Tomb - like silence
    Consumed by the inconsolable sadness,
    And the bleakness of despair....

    Two shell be born
    The whole wide world apart
    And speak in different tongues
    And have no thought
    Each of the others being and no need

    And these same two
    O`er unknown seas
    To unknown lands, shell cross
    Escaping wreck, defying death
    And all unconsciously
    Shape each act
    And bend each wandering step
    To this one end
    That one day out of darkness
    They must meet
    And read life’s meaning
    In each others eyes

    And these same two
    Along some narrow way of life shell walk
    So nearly side by side
    That should one turn, ever so little space
    To left... or right...
    They needs must stand acknowledged
    Face to face

    And yet....

    With wistful eyes, that never meets
    And groping hands that never dasp
    With lips calling in vain
    To ears that never hear
    They seek each other all their weary days
    And die unsatisfied...

    This is fate...

    We bear...

    The wounds and scars of a furious battle
    I and my Twin Soul

    But now we walk in quiet peace
    With all our scattered pieces whole
    Together, hand in hand... full serpent circle
    Back into the Pyramid shaped rainbow
    Of tomorrow’s brighter Eden...

    Crowned by gentle Venus with
    The Victory of Love
    That did not die
    But has survived the night of selfish seeking
    To wait for the mornings soft forgiveness

    And the dawn of understanding...


    How twisted and thorn it has all become,
    Innocence lost as if I ever was...
    The lesson thought oh to well,
    Left alone in my own dark hell...

    The game I played I knew not well,
    Pride and pain drew me on.
    Trangled as I wove my special web,
    I trapped my self, lost heart and head.

    As I embarked on that faithful night,
    Conscience stirred from the very start.
    To equipped was I soon to find,
    Unprepared was my vengeful mind...

    The plan was simple dare I say,
    Change my look, my feel, my way...
    But the important part of the game,
    Was to tell the truth all the same...

    Now the trap is finally sprung,
    But caught in it was a different one...
    And all that I hoped to save,
    Softly buried in the cold dark grave.

    Simple act of love they say,
    Though I thought I was betrayed.
    A truth I learned from my quest,
    Played upon me a final jest...

    Her love for me lays deep within,
    But for cursed might have been.
    Intrigues by he who I became,
    He still was I all the same...

    Took great pains not to lie,
    Then hit by unfolding light.
    Fell in love with her once more,
    And knew that I had closed the door.

    I may never smile again, poetic justice,
    So great my sin...
    Laughter gone now from my life,
    The stars now vanished from my night...

    I’ve aged at least 500 years sense
    I stumbled into you
    Yet still I believe in fairytales
    Like the princess and the frog
    And still I believed you wanted me
    Perhaps I am only three or so...

    You will never know how old I am
    But I will tell you anyway
    I was borne the hour I met you...
    and.. died today..

    As the last tear fall
    do not let me wither in the darkness.
    Let the light shine once more.
    As the twilight caresses me
    As the moon stops and the stars rise,
    and the sun fades through the skies.
    Let it be..

    All lost now, remaining
    Once again
    A last touch
    A last kiss

    A solemn bliss in the loss of hope
    Life remains as nothing but a dim shadow
    A last breath
    As desire fades,
    Let the memories die

    Blissful agony
    United pain and pleasure
    A last embrace
    A last hold around your face

    Let it remain all that once were
    Let that be forgotten
    I dwell only to say goodbye
    To fetch the last tear upon your face
    To feel a last embrace

    As I am yours
    Bleeding for you

    As I am yours
    Dying for you..

    Take the last breath away
    Hold my cold flesh inside your arms
    Kiss the purple lips of death
    Let them stay

    The memories of you and me
    Let the memories of the torture and pain
    Fade as the first sunrise
    Let the memories stay
    As beautiful as every morning

    Release me from this life
    And grant me freedom..
    For ever bound, caressed by the twilight
    Heed to my words..

    Release me

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