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    Various dreams.


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    Various dreams.  Empty Various dreams.

    Post  Tula on Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:54 pm

    I should start with saying that most of my dreams are usually very vivid, some of them go on and on, some of them come back once a year, the same month, as schedualled to come- unstopable even if I do not think about it, wake up after dreaming, check my dream book or diary and nod to myself, as yes.. Indeed, more or less the same day, same month everytime.

    Some of my dreams are true, not as memories of the past, traumas, but actual dreams of the time to come, usually a warning, to me or to someone else.

    The dreams poster here though will not be any of those.

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    Various dreams.  Empty Re: Various dreams.

    Post  Tula on Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:58 pm

    Went through my computer files, as this is the first that I found it is the first to be posted, very old this one I suppose I was 16-17 back then.

    “A simple touch was all he needed to make my body burn again.
    How can a man hold so much power over my body. A simple caress, a simple gesture; non sexual lighted me up like ever before.

    What is it that he holds that makes me long so much?”

    The thought had a second to flow trough my mind before the craving returned.
    The lust to feel his body close to mine, my hands on his bare flesh.
    To hear his lustful moans, and his screams of pain. Unable to move, unable to resist or stop me. Hearing his heavy breaths escaping his mouth, the fear.. His shivers.. Under my touch. A look; enough to make him twist and turn. Trying to avoid what he knows will come his way.
    My nails sinking into his skin, the feeling of the skin being thorn under my touch, the flesh opening, the blood pouring down his back. The taste of the soft skin against my lips, the wet blood making my lips move smoother as I lick it inside my mouth, enjoying every drop…. Every salt drop of blood inside my mouth… Followed by the feeling of his pain flowing trough him, his silent gasps, his body twisting to avoid the next pain from coming. The urge to push his head aside, to hold it there, with both arms, as one slide softly. A hand moving down his head, caressing his neck, sliding down his throat, a small gesture of compassion as I bend my head and let my lips caress his neck, feeling the pulse, the heart beat, his very breath against my lips. Opening my mouth, letting my tongue slid over the soft, smooth skin, as my teeth meets it… A silent moment, not moving, enjoying the thrill of his body all still, working harder then ever before… The pulse increasing, his heart beating harder against my lips, so hard that I can hear it…. Teeth sinking trough the skin, without biting trough… Flesh between my teeth, his shiver, his body bending, expecting more pain then I intend to give… Not this time… Perhaps next time… Not all pleasures at once.. That spoils the surprise… And makes it dull.. I will wait… I can wait… I got time… I know he will return to my arms..

    This is my craving… His lust, his total embrace of mine…

    Somehow he has always known, somehow I can always try to fight it. And always will I lose.
    Do I love him? Once perhaps I did. Now I crave him, as mine, in any way I can. And I will have him. I will be the one to hear his screams, to dry his tears as the pain rolls trough his body. I want it, I need it. I urge it to be.. I will it to be….

    Perhaps I am shallow, perhaps I am wrong.. Somehow I doubt I have seen the last of him. He always returns.. Like I do to him. But soon it is time for it all to change.

    Still one touch is enough to make me falter; one touch is enough to make me bend…

    Not desperate for closeness. Just aching lust and longing for what he makes me feel.

    These thoughts rushed trough my head as I walked down the stairs into the darkness, feeling my way with steady steps, unaware of what to expect or where to place my feet; I walked down knowing I was at the right place… Where would this long hollow sounded stair lead me? Why has he asked me to come here of all places? And where is this? Will I ever get to know? All these secrets he keeps from me.. All these questions with no answers.

    The sounds of my heels flows down the stairs, the sound of them meeting a cold stone floor reaches my ears as I can feel I am on flat ground. I know he knows I am coming, that he senses how close I am. Somehow…. Somehow he has always known, what flies trough my mind, as if he was inside of me.

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