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    Once I had a tutor, a guide, a teacher. Sometimes I surprised him, sometimes he surprised me.

    On the way I realized I learn different than others do. And my path was not his. Even if I wished it to be so.

    Learning through the reading of books, feeding myself with knowledge I already have simply written down with words, other words... Was not my thing. Books became tools at an early age, simple tools to read, learn from and throw away. Changing the new knowledge into my own. Learning from books has a word in my head... Religion… I don’t have a religion, I have many. I believe, I do not follow.

    Some calls me an agnostic, something I most certainly am not.

    Some can say that my thoughts, my believes is a part of this or that religion or ism, like occultism, paganism, Satanism… but they are wrong. My believes comes from all isms, religions, thoughts and experiences I have learned by or read about through my years.

    Occultism itself is not a religion; it is a principle that forces the mind to over go something that has already been done. Like evolving your own self, in some ways like Thelema/Satanism, where you sometimes need to clean yourself, rip down all you have been taught to be, grown to be, to rebuild yourself to something bigger and better. Removing all learned thoughts and experiences. Your feelings, your goals and your will. Make something better, become the best you can be, put weight on your own emotions, experiences and see the truth behind your own will and follow it.

    Some things like occultism cannot really be described in a book, one need in some people’s eyes to write down rituals, approaches, thoughts and evaluations. Analyses and facts, experiences and ideas. But some things needs to be lived, needs to be done, and just needs to be. I don’t say that people should jump out into anything without any form of preparations or studies. The teachings in this is what as is around you, that one and alone. It... Call it whatever you desire: Buddha – Jesus – God – Leviathan – Beelzebub – The queen of Sheba… Call it whatever you want. In this case with the thought of that *insert name here* is a power, let us call this power God in this case.

    God is your teacher through life. The first lesson you need to learn is the lesson about yourself. Then what you can do and what you want to do based on what you already know and can. This God can give from itself, let you feel, understand, but you yourself needs to be able to do this on your own. This God can turn you to the right path; show you what is not obvious or revealed yet…

    Does this have a name? No…

    I am, I believe, I know… I am no –isms... I am me... And maybe yes some –isms have helped me on my path. Have created some of this mess of –isms and religions that has their thoughts inside of me. I place myself outside the names of them all, as I am not enough of them all to feel that calling my believes with one of their names is right.

    ”I love a lot, but with many exceptions”

    I have said this for many years now. There is an ideal in me, to be able to love in all ways possible, to experience love in all its paths and forms, but not without will. Love which lacks will cannot be called love. Like with everything else this will be an illusion for love cannot manage on its own.

    Communication, hatred, sorrow cannot manage on their own either. They can’t exist without something else... Love, real love describes the highest possible transformation of will that it can have as a self in its relationship to the world.

    Inside yourself you have a “soul”, a “spirit”... The transformation is a process that expands, it evolves itself, breaks the limits you once thought to be there, and it expands like the “souls” power over materia. Power, the “souls” power is the essence of what we call “will”. Another person would perhaps said it like this: “The spirit is the power who gets its right expression out to the world through love”

    Like I have said before I once had a tutor who was not life, but an individual. This individual failed to hear the words coming out through my mouth for what they truly were until one day when I met someone like me, who finished my sentences. I posted our words out, our shared thoughts and this old tutor claimed these self-written words of our conversation to be copy pasted from a book wondering where I got them from.

    As then in that copy pasted conversation he finally understood the meaning behind words and thoughts uttered many times before. “Magic cannot be taught by the use of a book (regardless how much the book tells of truths), but by using the consciousness correctly. No formulas or rituals can overcome this.

    But formula’s and rituals can strengthen the inner action, but without this coordination with the hidden point (which is everywhere and nowhere), the words and actions becomes powerless and reduces to casual doings, or just almost, as thoughts and faith plays in..

    “Some seeks the knowledge itself but not the meaning behind it. Some seeks the goals but not the path to them. Some seeks communication but not the reason behind the communication, behind the words, the thoughts, the meanings and expressions. Some has no contact with the reason. Those who seeks the love, and only the love it self seeks and illusion. Something that is not there. And they have no contact with their will. But…

    The knowledge, the wisdom, the communication comes by itself when one expresses reason, and love comes on its own, when one has contact with its own will. Not others will, but your own. The essence of who you are. Truth. Love is the only Lives communication with everything, and that is why love is a unit, what as holds it all together, and influences each other through seemingly randomness’s. But there is no randomness, just like there is no fate, or is there? I am what I know, but what do you know?

    In Thelema that is important, to find your own true will. In my eyes that are it and a little more that actually Thelema is all about if you wish to narrow it down a lot. To find your true will, your goals and yourself.

    So: “The person who opens up for the will and lets the love flow, will in rising power experience synchronism, that everything fits around each other, that everything is floating the same way. If you know your true will and follow it, then the world will lead you on your way. If you end up beyond your true will the world will work against your flow to show you that you are on a wrong path and need to turn back. Seemingly separate incidents hits together to support the growth.

    A person, who allows love to stream through itself, fully and completely, experiences the whole words unit, love, through one self, and the entire creation works with him or her, and nothing goes against him or her. Because then you have your true will and love as a unit not as an illusion.” I do not say that the universe turns its back on you if you lose track on where you are going. It gives us lectures, spanks and praise. If you wish to say it simple. Do you feel everything is working against you? Then look around and think about what you are doing.

    To not be miserable I need to go my own path, the loves path. Not the illusion, but the loves path which you dance with hands in hand with the path of the will.

    I walk this path alone in the search for this path fully and completely. In this loneliness one finds each other. “I know I can live a happy life, but it needs to be combined with my own path, which is the loves path. On that path I walk alone with everyone else who walks alone, for in this loneliness we find each other. That is when we realize that it is all the others who are alone in the crowd of friends and loved ones.

    We find a new way of unity, who over comes all physics. But is possible to combine with the physical, the social, the sexual, the trivial and the serious. After the loneliness, the suffering and the liberation new people is given to the world. We are in the world, but we do not participate. We love isms but stand outside them. We are together but only because we give each other freedom. We are faithful to each other, but only because we allow ourselves the freedom to do whatever we want. We have no other choice but to love the person who gives us freedom, or hate it entirely, but then we betray our own beings core, the spirit, freedom and power.

    With freedom I mean true freedom and true freedom one can only give someone else but realizing that the other is God in another expression the itself. For freedom is one, freedom resemblance soul or spirit, which is life. When God gives from itself to itself in the whole through recognition, God releases itself into creation, and mankind becomes itself, free, because the spirit is freedom. Love is to acknowledge itself in all others, like God. God is no old man, but life itself. It is we who are the human expression and made that image in our own ignorance.”

    “Those who believe one need to escape from the world to be enlightened can do as they wish. I feel one gets more enlightened by giving others freedom to be who one is, to have their own will. If a human can do something like that entirely, it will be invincible. Death will not exist any longer. Spirit lasts forever, and if this spirit is like mentioned before:

    ”Life has always been the core power, the spirit. God.. How and why God experiences itself in its consciousness which is divided into “you and me”, is just what occultism is all about. To understand how the middle point has been revealed more then so, for how it describes how we also can reveal the hidden life in us.” Now I can jump a little. Magic is manipulation of energy. The spirit can maintain itself by the help of the will if it has the right relationship to the material. Maybe this also can lead me into some circle of thoughts mentioned before.

    Energy cannot vanish. And what are spirit, body and soul if not energy. Some means and I mean that we have several lives, I will not go deep into this with my own thoughts or experiences but in my eyes people have different paths they need to walk. Not just in this life but in total. One needs to go through a various amount of processes like one needs to do in the search of one’s true will. “God may have created mankind, but I create myself”

    “I renew continuously, but with a purpose.” One can wish for something, want something, the thought of owning something is a thought many have. All has. One can never own another human being, regardless of the love between them. Regardless of how much you give yourself to another. Love is to give freedom. This is what the law is all about: “Love is the law, love under will.” This is the law, a law I follow. Love is to give freedom, but it demands will, for if you don’t give freedom, the power of love will turn into itself and will wish to own and keep. That is when the spiritual relationship falters, and then love under will is no longer a unity. And if you lose the unity it gives, then love is nothing but a mere illusion. And this illusion is then something else.

    Another wise man once said: “There is no room for jealousy in the love between me and my woman" These words make sense. One can stay together even if the spiritual relationship is ruined but... It will not be the same. Most people have not experienced spiritual love, but some has and some will. Love exists on many levels. And one type of love, one illusion can be for many so very real.

    I don’t share everything about myself on this page, it is impossible to get everything down on paper. Mostly because one cannot control thoughts, emotions at all times. New thoughts, dreams, emotions floats into the already thought filled world we live in. This is one of the curses and blessings of being my star sign the pieces. If astrology actually means something.

    I cannot lie, not if I don’t have to, but a lot is hidden and a lot is left out in the open. “A highly integrated person rooms eventually all that can be roomed by humankind, this includes all that can be understood to be cruelty.” Everyone has a balance. A human who claims to be without cruelty, is an individual who in some ways have acknowledged, understood and realized who and what it is. “When the human is entirely aware of its entire human spectra, it gains the supreme power to choose what it wants to be. Those who claim to room no dark elements in their selves, either lies or they are not as highly developed as they may think they are”

    “I am life, I am will, I am my own Master, my own Mistress, My own God.”

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