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    Post  Tula on Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:26 am

    I dream about...

    I dream about finding my self at a poin where I allow my self to dream. A hope of once again be able to break through the ice inside of me, to be able to love someone beyond all reason. One who feels the passion for life, like I do. One who does not mind making snow angels in the middle of the night. One who can stay with me outside at night in the forest gazing up on the stars.

    Some will look upon this as a naïve writing of a young girl with to high dreams, a girl with illusions and wrong thoughts of what reality really is, some might think of this as a cliché.. Others might read it and see it for what it is.. And think… And perhaps even imagine it. I would to, but I would not do it. Whilst others may think it was about time.

    I dream of the day when I can see my self from the outside bursting of laughter, or with a look, a body language showing real happiness, I want to find my self in a condition where I am filled with happiness simply because I feel the suns heat brushing over my body. I dream of one who can see the spring burst to life, one who can feel what I then would feel and share the feeling of watching something that beautiful with me.

    I dream of the day when I can look into someone’s eyes and feel that I am drowning. To feel everything wither and vanish. To feel the feeling of a look who looks right through me. A look that knows, but does not have to ask, but at the same is challenging and filled with love. Arms and a voice giving me the confirmation of that I am safe.

    One who breaths down my neck, one who can go to a museum with me without sighing deeply in the longing to go home, one who can see the adventures life is and enjoy them.

    One who can stand behind me watching the sunset, one who seeks the silence and can enjoy it. One I can give my self to entirely and who give him self entirely back to me. One I can show my self vulnerable to, one I can share everything with. One who makes me feel alive and makes life worth living. One I can dream about, one who makes me proud. One who needs me and one I can be that for and a little more.

    I dream of someone I can walk hand in hand with, while we together explore the world and what it has to offer. But also someone who can handle the daily life with me, and still manage to make everyday something special. Not with gifts or doings, but with words and thoughts. One who knows the value of a smile and takes it for the gift it is.

    I dream about sitting by the fire, feeling the flames and the warmth they give, the heat of the ashes warming me long after the fire is out. I want to sleep under the stars, swim in the moonlight. I dream of feeling the comfort and know I can give the same comfort in return, to feel the strength he gives me and know I give the same in return. The knowledge of it being given and thought by both. The knowledge of us making each other grow..


    This is one of my dreams..

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