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    Poems by Sotiris Migos.

    Sotiris Migos Tumblr

    The Lantern

    She took out her lantern
    and walked through the woods
    The distance would smother
    her dreams and her breath

    She walked down the alleys
    she walked down the hills
    She thought herself naked
    in everyone’s eyes

    She looked for a flicker
    the flame she had sought
    She looked through the forests
    and ‘cross distant shores

    She trod foreign countries
    She searched mellow docks
    But inside her own home
    it seemed she forgot

    She bought rings and jewels
    some men eyed her well
    she got fancy dresses
    and new faces met

    She lived life of searching
    and age came at last
    She missed where she started
    and thought to come back

    She took out her lantern
    the same one it was
    and walked back to her home
    in cobwebs ‘twas clad

    The moment she stepped in
    she breathed in the dust
    Yet even if forlorn
    it brightened her heart

    She sat with her lantern
    and smiled to herself
    She wasted years seeking
    what she already had.

    - Sotiris Migos (20/06/13)

    The boat

    Onwards we move, we breathe, we seethe
    Our dreams, our hopes, all drowned in Lethe
    Our arms for oars, our spines for masts
    Our feet sit still, in webs and rust

    For weeks we sail, for months we starve
    We eat the salt, the wood we carve
    Our only thought, our only steering
    childhood’s crave of pioneering

    The ocean’s calm, no sight of land
    we, on the boat, hold hand in hand
    We travel far, we travel long
    We keep ourselves alive with songs

    There is no move, we’ve no breath left
    Our dreams, our hopes lay down bereft
    The ocean’s calm, there is no land
    We try to sail some more but can’t

    Each other holding, stare in eye
    We know now that we’re going to die
    Because the land was never there
    Just salt and ocean and the air.

    - Sotiris Migos (15/06/13)

    I have received permission to post these poems and the link by the author himself.

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    The journey

    To be, to see, to carry burdens
    all the pains and strains of life
    To want, to yearn, to lose, to win
    in one’s persistent field of strife

    One needs desire and some ambition,
    hope, and will to persevere
    But one needs also two dear hands
    to hold when one gets lost in fear

    For, life and death don’t really matter
    when you’ve none to call your own
    to, with them, see, to live, to lay
    in one’s familiar, private home

    You see - to be, to enter Heaven
    one needs no more than a heart
    A soul that lives and sees and is
    because it cannot be apart

    To be, to see, to hold one’s own, through
    life’s subsequent line of woes
    One needs just two dear hands to hold
    Two hands that lovingly one knows.

    - Sotiris Migos (25/01/14)

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