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    Adiven «Jadefang» Crin

    By Suxen's love and Phelgas' shadow we pray.
    Ancient fathers. We serve Arathor, shield Arathor, honor Arathor.
    We never falter, we never disrespect and we never retreat.
    Our home is strong in your Holy Light.
    We ask you to watch over us and by your wild rage, Arathor will never end.
    Ancestor's will be done.

    A child of light, born with a blade in her hands, blessed by Suxen. Her first memories was not of the pleasant kind. War, battles, threats all around and still she found herself now longing back to a place she should have long abandoned… But who can truly deep down abandon –home- ? Her soft voice spoke as if on her own, her words drifted away with the wind, like a faint whisper in her own ears.

    I am meant to be heading home, I heard you, I saw you…”

    As she sat there on the small cliff looking out over the sea, waiting for the ship to take her closer to home, her mind drifted…

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    Early childhood.

    Growing up in Arathi had always been difficult. The fact that she did not seem so keen on fighting and showing off as some others, did put a burden on her shoulders that she kept with her from an early age.

    The rain kept pouring down, the sound of weapons clashing could be heard from all around her, the echoes of the screams dying out made her cold all the way down to her spine, her young eyes searched what seemed endlessly over the landscape, the search of the one voice she had heard but could not find, her father… Tempted to just sit down and sob, scared of what might have been and what might be, yet she could not bring herself to give up. She needed to find him, find at least some part of him… It was vital to get him back… Take him home… And she could drag him… Surely, she had to manage that. More cries filled the air around her and she disregarded them, the focus was too strong. Father, where are you?

    It was then she saw it.. For the first time.. while closing her eyes, a disgusting dark, creature, green it seemed, with large fangs… She shook her head, the image faded slowly even though her eyes was wide open but she could see.. The image of the creature was gone from her mind, for she saw it.. His cloak.. Her small legs ran as fast she could, ignoring words of the adults to stand back, get to safety, a child her age should not be out there… The scent.. His scent.. The softness of his soaked, muddy cloak, brushed against her cheeks.. “Father.. I need you.. Come back to me…”

    Once more she closed her eyes, hoping.. But there was no new image filling her head... Her feet kept moving without her even realizing… A thud.. A loud thudding sound as she tripped over, fell to the ground, face first into the wet mud.. A groan.. “Father???” She threw herself around, over him, slapped him across the cheeks. “Father I am here.. Wake up.. Stay with me! Please, stay with me…” The pleading words gave her nothing and she lifted her hands to his chest, screaming out in pain and fear…Her hands sought his chest, she held them down against him but no light flowed from her palms, her screams did not stop… They echoed against the far out mountain sides, roamed through the woods, over the fields.. Screams filled with despair and sorrow... All fear was gone, but the one fear of not being enough.. Not being able to save him… But she was not strong enough.. She kept trying, held onto him, until strong hands wrestled her away from him, threw her over the shoulder and carried her away…


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    “Adiven is a coward, Adiven is a coward.. Little puny light wielder”
    They kept teasing.. She knew she was tiny, she was not much of a fighter either and she saw no need to fight someone without a reason, but how they annoyed her. How she wanted to just fight them to the ground until they screamed of mercy.

    “Look at her trying to be so nice all the time, can't even kill a mouse that one”
    Her head wanted to explode, the forgiveness, respect, all gone… Reminding herself of their age, that they had the mindset of a child, younger than her in mind, despite her own age. As if shut away by a switch her mind wandered and her voice spoke as a faint whisper, unheard by her own ears. “For I must learn to see with eyes unclouded by hate. “

    One of the elders grabbed a hold of her shoulder, forcefully turned her around and looked down on her with a sincere surprised expression. “What is it you just said Adiven? “ Blushing like mad, she looked up at him, the man she thought of as her guardian more than her new and old family could ever be. “I said that I need to learn to see with eyes unclouded by hate…” as if unsure if she had said something wrong she lowered her gaze to the ground staring at his feet with an embarrassed look on her face. “Now Adiven Crin. Enlighten me as to why?”

    She could feel her own knees trembling then, focusing to not studder she spoke up, far too loud. “For I shall not lead a life of spite and hate and be jailed in the void. For I am not to let others wrongs, make me lead a life of spite and hate. Where there is light, there is shadow, it is the one wielding that makes it wrong, or right to use, it is how it is used that is of the essence… For if I deem all shadow evil, then I will lead a life of spite and hate, seeing unclear and judging rather than learning… “ The elder smiled then, as he looked down at her, his hand gently stroke over her cheek as he spoke: “One day Adiven Crin, you will make your father a very proud man. “ Along with the fading sound of his footsteps, tears in silence fell down her cheeks. The voice rang through her head again, her reply was the only thing that could be heard “I shall lead a life of valor to find myself in the Halls of Light, along with my father. For him I can’t disappoint, only honor.. I will be a guardian, a priestess. And I will learn how to fight like mad”

    “I am sure she is just trying to be as good as her father, I think she forgets how he whored around until he met her mother.. It’s not like he didn’t kill people.” The words brought her back to the lands of the living, murmuring something of how others lack of respect would not push her into sins and how she one day would be valorous and remembered as an honorable Arathorian.
    The rage just kept growing, her mother’s new man did not seem to bothered, in fact if anything at all other than fighting and spending time with her mother interested him she would be surprised.. “I can’t stay here… “When she presented those words to her mother she got the same reply as usual. “Until you have completed the rite to adulthood you are not heading anywhere..” Her mother’s words did little but to make her more upset and agitated. “Father, guide me and give me the strength to not bring dishonor upon our family. “

    In anger, rage, fury, fuelled up on bitterness she walked out… “I will show them!”

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  Young_10

    Adiven did not get far, in fact she did not even get close to doing any rite this day. As she lost sight of her home, she found herself feeling watched. Thunder filled the skies and roamed through her ears but she ignored it. “Let all the rain fall down, it is not like I am going back home!” It was then she saw it again, as if in the side of her eye.. Her feet ran towards it, but it was as if it always was out of her sight, like some poison, always beating the cure, never truly defeating it… Curing it…

    An opening, a small opening in the woods, a yielp, of a child? An animal? She could not be sure. The darkness clouded her sight, a small fire making noise as the rain poured down over it. “How is the fire still burning”, she thought but the thought was cast aside as a large shadow walked past it. A sudden urge to flee filled her, but there was no time.. No time at all. Hands grabbing out for her, from behind, a strong pull of her hair, the sound and pain as the hair was pulled for her scalp.. “Ah feck”, was all she had time to think as the pain rushed through her and she instinctively pulled her sword far up in front of her, aimed it backwards and kicked out at the same time, whatever was behind her groaned, the sword did meet flesh but she still could not see anything now, entirely blinded by the fire, she just raged, in fear, her sword met flesh again, a scream, groaning, muffled words. It all happened so fast and she felt a new hold around her. The sword was no longer of use, the range too small, it fell to the ground and the small spear was long gone from her back. “My last hope…”, the notion of it filled her with rage. “I am not going to be a tiny little girl anymore” her voice filled with wrath as her fists aimed ahead, for what she did not know, the darkness and the blindness of the light of the fire still had its hold over her, as her fists kept hitting ahead, the sound of the knuckles breaking on her right hand, the pain surging through her body, all ignored… There was no time..

    Blood, decaying flesh.. Her nostrils itched.. She opened her eyes, the rain was gone, the fire was out, the sun was barely rising, a thin mist surrounded her.. A.. man? The blood could it be from elsewhere she wondered as she looked down. A.. rotting.. She fell flat back down over the corpse, in her attempt of getting up.. Shocked and horrified she dragged herself away from him, her hands, arms aching and her left hand barely able to clench shut. Her eyes darted down on the man, what was left of him and then searched the camp. Signs of it having been more than one man there was clear, a small cage, supplies.. She had to leave.. Somehow she had to get out of there before anyone returned… No signs of whatever that had been harmed could be seen and she made up her mind.. Her hands searched through the supplies, but in vain. There was not a single thing there that would let her make the fire burn, everything was soaked.. “Feck”, she muttered as she turned around, realizing she had no idea where she was and spun her body around, then nodded.. “This way is as good as any other”, and began making her way back home.

    As she returned, others were outside, playing, talking and hanging around idly minding their own business… from afar she watched them. Slowly her drained steps brought her closer and closer, a few hands were pointing towards her and when they could see they stopped, stopped talking, stopped pointing, their jaws fell down and silence spread all over. Faint murmurs could be heard before a few of the boys ran off yelling “Adiven has killed something”. Her eyes fell down to her clothes, drenched in blood, stinking of a man’s dead flesh.. Hard, she fought her own desire to vomit. “I said I would show them”, she thought. “I need to keep this down”. Wishing for nothing more than to fall over into her mother’s arms, she kept walking, her back straight, her feet about to cave in under her. They stared… Her mother came running, but she could not make out her words, it was all a blur…

    Someone was sent out to backtrack her footprints, to find out where she had been as she refused to say a single word about it. No one came to lecture her, they just looked at the empty look in her eyes, shook their heads and kept mumbling about how they should have stopped the teasing sooner, others spread rumors soon to be forgot of what she had killed, some even had ideas of her simply having found a corpse from one of the previous battles, rolled over it and found a small animal, killed it and rubbed the blood over herself. But some knew better. Those who saw the look in her eyes and knew it as their own.


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    Preparing for departure.

    “Feck, feck, feck…” her displeased tone could be heard loud and clear from within the house as Adiven tried to find her most needed belongings, her eagerness to head out into the woods, travelling on her own, to finally prove her worth got the best of her, the focus was so lost that she could simply not recall where she had put anything. “The Light comes from sources unknown, but how I would wish that it could magically make my things appear.. “ Someone cleared their throat behind her and she turned only to lower her gaze once more. “Adiven Crin… I did not think you dreamt of becoming a Magi? “

    “No, I don’t, of course I don’t… I just.. “ –You are just being a little nervous perhaps? “Yeeees. “ Seeing him always made her feel unsure about herself, as if he despite his calmness and kindness, looked right through her. “I know you are nervous, but you will return a stronger woman. “ It was only then she saw it, the sack, her things, held in his hand, offered out to her. “Thank you… If I do not make it, know that I will always think of you as family, that your aid was always treasured. For it is you that have guided me all this time. “ – It was not I who guided you, Suxen blessed you Adiven Crin. Keep that in mind, for you owe me nothing. It was my pleasure. “ He coughed staring at the sack. "The rite Adiven means you can not bring anything with you.. You recall that I hope?" She snarled at him, then bent her head respectfully down, she could feel his displeased gaze on her, as if he was in her own mind. "My soul will fuse with the soul of the animal I kill, the rite is to learn, to gain knowledge, to show strenght, to go back to my roots and make me aware that even if I am strong, there are things stronger. For I am not on top of the chain." In his hand he held a piece of clothing wrapped up around something she could not see. "Take this, leave it here and know I will be here waiting when you return to wish you welcome home. I will ensure all of your personal belongings are safe, if you let me? " She nodded then and put the clothing with the dagger in down in the sack, held it out to him and let him take it from her hands. Her mother would not be able to keep her new father from throwing them out in her absence, but she knew.. That now they would be safe. With those words he walked out, her feet ran after him, she threw herself against his back, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist. “No wish of good luck, no goodbye?”

    – Let go off me Adiven. I know our paths will cross with time, no matter where you end up. You will always have me. So there is no need for such. Now go… The sooner you leave, the sooner you will return.

    Let go, she had to let him go.. And so she did. An immense feeling of sorrow filled her, images of her father, the strong arms pulling her from his chest. Hard she stumped her feet against the ground. “I need to go… Before I can’t leave at all. “ her voice faded out and she folded her arms over her chest, with a sad look in her eyes

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    Rite of Adulthood. Part 1
    The Pathfinder.

    The sound of the trees moving with the wind, was like roaring waves, forcefully pushing through the night like the echoes of a thousand waves crushing against the shore. With her she had nothing, nothing but sore feet. Closing her eyes she could still see the last view of Arathi, Stromgarde clothed in the sun as it was about to set. “Go out, find what you seek, return with a trophy..” she muttered in an annoyed manner as she plunged her feet now not against grass and earth but into the cold, cold snow… Talking to herself was her only company and she had to do something to keep herself walking forth rather than falling asleep only to freeze to death. Walking around naked was not her worst problem after all the worst problem was if anyone saw her... “All the others have tales sounding so… easy, so heroic, so .. I don’t know.. But how am I to find anything, learn anything in this pile of snow…”Her voice grew louder echoing through the mountains, “Ancestors hear me! For you have all seen more in your final moments, than I ever can in life. Watching over me from the Halls, father, Ancestors.. Lead me on the right path!”

    Nothing happened at all… For two more days she kept walking, feeling starved, alone, on the edge of giving up. Her fingers were numb, sore after digging in the snow in hopes of finding some roots to eat. “Who else was in need to walk this feckin’ far. It is nay fair!”

    A faint voice, echoed against the thin passage between the mountains; “See… See.. See and learn..” – See and learn? Watch and learn!!! “See.. See not watch.. “
    The shock of realizing she had just been talking to a voice in her head made her stop. As she did something flickered in the corner of her eye, but as she turned there was nothing but stone, stone and more snow… Her eyes looked up, a green light in the night… Eyes?? Could it be? Panting for air, her feet pushed hard against the snow down the narrow passage, as if driven by an unknown force she kept running, her eyes filled with water of the cold wind, salvia all over her cheeks, “There is no stopping now… “

    “Stop”, the voice again… “Hear and see”. Tyring to stop was one thing, managing the other, she tripped in the snow, at the end of the long passage, her body was cast around, rolling down a.. “feck!!!” hill. Face into the snow, she growled loudly, another growl soon echoed her own and her body froze still. “Feck… “ Struck by luck her hand found what it sought, a small stone clenched in the palm of her right hand, it had not been lost in the turbulent ride down the surprising hill. With fierceness, despite her drained, starved state she turned, waved her arms to fend off the animal. A loud sound filled her ears as her shoulder dislocated, her hands hit empty air.. “What the…” With eyes searching through the woods around her, she forced her body to rise looking through the night. Faint prints of some unfamiliar looking paws could barely be spotted in the darkness. “So.. I wanted to eat.. I am starving.. My ancestors sends me my animal to kill, it sounds like it wants to eat me.. but leaves?” “What kind of stupid test is this???” A dark laughter with a soft teasing tone to it, came then from the treetops. “Some animals walk on two feet, four paws, fly even.. “

    Glaring up into the emptiness she frowned “Show yourself… Or I will have to come up for you!” Like a feline the man slid from branch to branch landing gracefully on the snowy ground in front of her. “If you promise to not speak a word, I will lead you out of the snow into the Light. “Her mouth opened, but not a sound left them. And he nodded approvingly, turned and just began walking… Warmth, her cheeks was all warm, blushing and yet the man had not even made a point of her being all naked.

    “I am supposed to do this on my own, “she thought but her feet followed him still. “You were lucky to trip like you did, you were heading right into death there.. “ Her throat itched, so eager was she to reply, but she clenched her hands shut, waiting. “Some mighty power must have felt it was not yet your time. Further into the woods the way you were heading is a small camp, well hidden, if you like Voodoo you would perhaps find the sight exciting for a short moment before you could see nothing else ever again… But you are clearly not more from here than I am…"he said now eyeing her up and down slowly in a teasing manner. " On the other side of the forest, you will find a path leading into a small village.. “ He said no more until they came out in the clearing.

    “I know what you wish to ask, but I am not going to answer. Just like I will not ask. We are all who we are, we all seek to learn and we must all walk our own path. In hope.. “

    Silence filled the night and all she could do was to stare at the man, his face, the long hair, those pointy ears.. As if lost in the sight of him she stood there like a stupid dreaming kid, and.. she still was.. The thought was not a pleasant one to her and she frowned. “In hope that one day, we find our own path and someone that shares the same path to walk with us. You will find your own path I am sure. “

    With that he just walked. Walked off, like nothing, no answers, just questions and she had no idea where she was… “Pathfinder! One day… I will be the one finding you!” Deeply she sighed as she looked down on the ground, “no snow.. but no animal either.. it must have been over ten days now.. Ancestors.. What is all of this..?” Aware that the village would mean people and people meant questions and offers she respectfully could not accept, she walked around it.

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    Ritual of Adulthood. Part 2.
    The raven’s call. And its owner.

    So much to see and so far from home, or so she thought. A kind woman had offered her a bed to sleep in but she had to decline. "You are to manage on your own, taking aid from others is to be weak. " The words rang clear in her mind, yet the offered soup and bread was tempting, her stomach roared for food. For days she had found nothing to eat, the snow keeping the roots from her hands.

    She had no idea where she was, how far she was from home. Sixteen years old, she should not be this whiny she thought, maybe the boys was right after all… Fearing that the Ancestors had abandoned her, that she no longer was blessed she walked away from the offer of a warm house,a bed to sleep in, cloths to cover her naked body, said her farewell to the old woman, unaware of how right she had been to say her goodbye’s. Before she left she was handed a scythe that the old woman used on the little piece of land next to her house. “Take this child, “she had said. “For you never know when you will need something sharp.” Reluctantly she declined her, thanked her for the kind offer and explained why she could not take it.

    The scythe looked old and useless when she looked at it held in the old womans hands, but she could not help but to smile of the old womans kind gesture, as she walked along the road, that soon enough vanished into a large grass plain. It felt like walking on a soft bed, the grass felt better than anything she had felt before at that very moment, her sore feet stopped aching for a while as she sat down, enjoyed the warm rays of the sun against her back, the faint breeze flowing against her skin. Her thoughts drifted back home, to the training sessions, learning how to use a spare, a sword, the long nights of studies and talking, sitting with some of the elders asking and hearing their stories.

    A sound of a bird filled her ears and she opened her eyes slowly. “Finally… Finally”, she thought and got up on her feet. Her eyes saw a large raven, circeling over her head. It was too far up for her to reach it, so she watched waited, but the raven just kept flying in circles, so she decided to move forth… Then it began again, letting out what she could only take as pleading sounds. “Perhaps… I am just meant to follow.. Maybe this is some kind of test… “

    And indeed the raven began flying, circling, urging her forth. The scent of smoke filled her nostrils, the raven lead her straight into the woods. Eager, excited and still with fear, she did her best to keep track of the raven that flied over her head. Whenever she lost track of it, it was as if it noticed and came back, to let her know where to go. A small house, the raven was sitting on the top of the roof staring down at her, still making its sounds, yet now they sounded hollow… The eagerness must have made her less alert, as standing there she noticed some of the trees, seeming dead, no flowers, or plants still living could be seen at all and in front of the door to the house was a large pile of.. No not a large pile of cloth, but a man..

    Despite her head screaming against her, she moved forth, rushed to the man’s side, leaned down to check if he was still breathing, her hands found their way to his chest all on their own.

    A roaring laughter came from the man then, as he caught her by the arms and held her down. “Sometimes it is simply too easy.. “ His eyes was dark, a large rune was carved into his forehead, then she noticed the raven, she could not take her eyes of it. It was… dead? It looked dead, yet it sat on the roof making those hollow, screeching sounds. “It was about time someone fell for the old trick. I guess I still have it in me and now.. It’s time to have a proper little celebration young girl. And you are my guest of honor. “ Fear filled her, surely she had to be dreaming, this was not a part of her plan, this was not her time for a trophy, the raven was not hers to be named after…

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  The_ra10

    “I am not yours to take, son of Phelgas, man of sin, hatred, darkness and shadow.”
    He laughed then. “Phelgas, must be some kind of prophet of yours… A prophet of bad dreams perhaps. Soon enough young girl you will learn the true ways. If you wish to survive. “

    It must have been an illusion she thought, the forest, the nice looking forest, just like home… I will not end my days here. I can’t end my days here. As he pulled her up on her feet she struggled, her mind was working hard, fighting against time. If she got into that house she would never get out, for that she was sure of.

    “Coward Adiven.. Puny little fragile Adiven”, the voices of the other children filled her head, what seemed to take a life time took just a short moment, but everything seemed to happen so slow. Her hands worked on her own, light spread from her hands against the old man, a dark mistlike shade wrapped around him like a shield but he dropped her, as if somehow the light had harmed him. “But I can only.. heal minor wounds”, she thought, her mind did not seem at all to accept or grasp the situation she was in at all. As the man tried to take a hold of her again, speaking, but she could not hear him, as if something controlled her every single move, she fought, light against shadow, using the light as a shield, a barrier between them she managed to keep him at bay as she walked backwards, then stumbled flat on her ass, the scythe.. How did that get there?

    It was then she saw… That she was not alone. Someone, something stepped in to aid her, as if another kind of barrier was made around her, it was as if he could not reach her at all… She pushed herself backwards, then charged at the old man, her hands and feet kicking out towards him, using every single muscle in her body, put weight behind every hit.

    “Master of illusions he is not, use it child and learn. Learn that things are not always how it seem, learn to see beneath the surface. “ She was there. The old woman, fighting the old man, there was no room for questions or wondering. With all she could master she pushed forth, the old woman with her magic, herself with the her light. Her own roars filled the woods, but she hit the ground, spun around to avoid him, tried to keep out of his reach when she suddenly felt something sharp at her side. A simple wooden stick.. Without a thought or hesitation she gripped it firmly, rolled over and waited, waited for him to come at her, which he did. The stick, proved useful as light flowed at the same time as she pushed the sharp wooden stick into the mans neck.

    No more… I can take no more… Her body caved in, she could feel the ground under her, the footsteps of the old woman coming closer. As her eyelids fell shut she saw it.. It was there..

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    The Rite of Adulthood. Part 3.
    The old woman

    “This must have been a good lesson for you of keeping focus, never letting your guard down young one. “ As if she knew she was awake even before she had opened her eyes, the old woman spoke as she walked over to her. The raven that had been on the roof now sat on the old woman’s shoulders. “Do not worry child, it will no longer do you any harm and I will deal with this one later. “ “I have so many questions..” The old woman looked down on her then, smiling. “You mean about my use of shadow?” A nod was all she could master, her body was more drained than she had thought. “Shadow, all forms of magic, even the light that you wield, can be used for evil deeds. It is not always about what kind of magic one can use, but who as wields it. “ As if waiting the woman just looked down on her. “If I was evil I would not have helped you. You can say that using this kind of magic is evil, unpure, bad and addictive too. But not more than other magic can be. It is against your ways, I heard you mention Phelgas, and I already know where you come from girl. But this… Is something that you need to learn on your own. A lesson though that I do hope you learned this night, is that focus… Is the key to survival. Light can be used for more than to heal, also to battle, to protect. That you have learned today that things are not always how they seem, people are not always how they seem.. Some use magic in the ways of illusions, but others create illusions out of pretending to be something they are not. Now rest… When you wake up, you will repay me for this lesson. “ Adiven knew she was not to take aid, but she could not at all lift her own body up, drained by the use of the light, the battle she simply faded back off into the dark

    It was early morning when she opened her eyes again, with strained aching movements she pushes herself off from the bed she had been placed into. A small note was placed on the nearby table, warmth came from the fireplace, her fingers could almost not wrap around the edge of the paper at all, and that is how tired she was. “A rite such a yours young girl, is the only thing preventing me from interfering. You look starved, unhealthy for a girl such as you and the lack of clothing to keep you warm is something that does concern me. But I will respect your wish. I have saved your life, when your rite is over, should you survive it. I want you to head outside the walls of Stromgarde, light a fire and spend five days sleeping on top of a hill, waiting. “

    The note made her somewhat unsure of what she should do, but alas she left the house, outside there was no longer a body but the scent of burnt flesh still lingered in the air. “So she did dispose of him. I hope she paid him proper respects.” She could not see where he might have been burned, but he was not there. A pleasant thought after all.

    A sore body, bruises all over her legs, back, chest and arms, she knew she looked horrible. “Looks are not that important. “ As she tried to convince herself that her now rather skinny body, covered in dirt still was more than fine enough, the sound of water filled her ears. Hungry, thirsty she headed forth, only to stop suddenly to look around her. “The last time I rushed into things without focusing, without keeping my eyes open and keeping my guard up I almost died.. “ with those words her eyes searched through the woods, she stepped lightly ahead over the forest floor, heading in the direction of the river. When there she sank her feet into the cold soothing water, the damages the cold had done to them, was kept at bay by her own powers. Moss kept her sitting there, just enjoying the soothing soft feeling of it against her skin, but then she smiled, ripped some moss off and began dipping it into the cold water, washing herself. The moss did make her dirty, yet most of the old dirt was washed off and the softness was more than worth it.

    In her mind she travelled as she lay down against the moss; let the sound of the river relax her as her eyes gazed up at the rays of sun falling down through the tree tops. Memories of the past filled her, making her long for home, long for those few who knew not to tease, to not bully, the few people who treated her with some kindness in the means of at least leaving her be. But her mother never allowed her to be gone for too long, she needed her she claimed.

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    Lost in a Nightmare.

    A loud cracking sound and she was up on her feet, with a new stone clenched in her hand. Her eyes searched the woods but saw nothing. “If its’ you again, “she said. “Then this is starting to get old. “ Half expecting to see the Pathfinder, she felt strangely disappointed.

    Darkness engulfed around her, in front of her appeared an image of herself, her face slowly rotting away. As if watching her own story, she saw herself walking once more down the narrow passage in the mountains, watched herself from above. “See.. “ “See..” From the top of the mountain she could see the camp, trolls… So close to Arathi.. Too close to Arathi.. And what were these trolls doing? There was no time, as if shifted back into her own body, she walked right into the camp, she did not trip… On the ground where she had tripped, there was something. What it was she could not make out, but she could see the danger coming..

    Everything changed, changed back into that night out in the woods, the night she had been so enraged. The man.. Rotting.. Just like the first image of herself standing in front of her, the face slowly rotting away, falling to the ground..

    With a scream she woke up. A stone was in her hand, but she was still on the moss, next to the river. “I fell asleep?” The doubt in her own voice mimicked the thoughts rushing through her head. “What is this…”

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    Adiven Jadefang Crin  Enteri10
    The Rite of Adulthood part 4.
    The Jadefang.

    Darkness had already spread through the woods, the only light came from the stars up on the sky. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she could hear her own stomach growling in disapproval. So she began walking, looking down on the various plants and roots until she found someone she recognized, with a bright smile she knelt down, eagerly ripping the roots up from the forest floor, whipped them off with her hands. “Find a suitable animal… Ancestors forgive me, but I never held much faith in that one should find the suitable animal… The animal finds you, chooses you… Just like the horses. You can tame them, but not all of them will have the same bond to you. They too make their choices." Occupied with her own thoughts and eating, her surroundings came a blur to her. Soft pleased sounds left her as she munched eagerly, the refreshing taste of the roots clearly something she was most appreciative for.

    Behind her a voice came, just like before. “See.. See…”

    Sure she was losing it, she got on her feet still heading towards the sound. Hidden by the thick forest, the darkness she could still see the couture’s of an entrance into the mountain side. “If there is a bear in here… “her eyes fell on the small stone in her right hand. “then I am screwed. “ Never had she underestimated her own strength but she was also aware of her limits as her feet slowly, lightly threaded against the ground, walking into the cave…

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  Webs10
    Dark, yet there was light inside the cave, some light found its way in, somehow. Her feet threaded carefully, water splashed under her feet, little by little she made out what direction to take, the dust made her wrinkle her nose, the spider webs and the smell of wet earth and stone, was not yet startling her, until she was forced to make a right, a sharp right, the walls almost pressed against her body, the slim passage was almost making her turn around. “What could I possibly – “ her voice faded, a gasp left her mouth. In shock, a strange feeling of awe filled her… “I guess it’s not a bear then… “ Her eyes could simply not stop looking. All around her, large spider webs, unnaturally large.

    Four different paths she could take, barely able to make out it was four to begin with she kept to the right, soon enough she found herself standing on the edge of a cliff inside the cave, some strange light came from far ahead and with the faint light streaming through a crack in the sealing, the couture’s of a spider was revealed far ahead. “That looks little from here… “

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  The_fi10
    As if nothing else matters they stood there, looking at each other. No longer could she hear her own breaths, feel the pain and ache in her body.

    Time stood still as if their meeting had silenced the world.

    “Ancestors you send me out, father you guide me like our Ancestor’s do. Me a child of light, blessed by Suxen is sent a spider? A poisonous being, bringer of death, slow torment… You send me the opposite of what I am?” As if responding to her the spider slowly moved towards her, not away, it walked down a passage between the small cliffs, as if not at all afraid of her presence, at the distance she could still not make out entirely how big it was, but huge without a doubt. Struck by the awe, she admired it, its strength, size, power. A feeling of entire, full respect filled her, for how could she not respect a being this big, so deadly. But it had not come for her… Perhaps it viewed her to be too tiny?

    Cautiously but not cautiously enough she followed it, kept at distance, only to find herself suddenly hearing sounds coming from all around her. Crawling sounds, from the sealing, the walls, the ground, behind her… Loud, loud, behind her. As waves they came and she moved forth, there was no other option. They gathered around her, without coming too close. Watching, waiting. “If this is no test Suxen, then I do not know what a test is.. “ It came, standing on a distance, its green glowing eyes, staring at her. Time moved, night turned to day, day turned to night. Patience, a spider is not just deadly, poisonous, but patient. Tangling its prey into webs, wrapping its prey, holding it still, saving it for time to come. Perhaps in some ways we are not so different at all. Night, turned to day, day turned to night, as she sat there, cold, alone, with the stone clenched firmly in her right hand. Without at all abandoning her, the small spiders circulated around her, as if they waited too.

    “You chose me… If not I would be eaten, unless these small spiders are your web and I am your prey. “ As she spoke those words, the small spiders ran towards her, their small fangs, stung, pierced her flesh. Not more than three, yet she knew one was more than enough. With her stone she fended off most of them, but by the third sting, they all walked back, retreated, waiting for her to die.. Or so she thought.

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  The_sh10

    Her body heated up fast, her body felt numb. Days turned to nights and she could not make out how long she was flowing back and forth between awake and being out of it. Yet, they had not approached. The large spider remained staring at her.

    “I shall not be weak, if I must surpass this to prove I am worthy of you, I will take whatever you send my way. And I get it… “her words were faint as she once more fell into darkness.

    Darkness, light, sounds, loud sounds, as clear as anything could ever have been, more real than anything else in her life so far, never as awake as then, she stared right up into its many eyes, its large fangs moving towards her body, its hairy large legs made the hair rise on her arms. “I will not fail you father. “ With those words, with strength she did not know where came from, she rolled to the side, the stone in her hand clenched hard in her fist, her fingers as if glued around it. A hard hit, the stone against one of its legs, she used what she could see, leapt up on a stone sticking out from the cave wall, leapt, faster than ever before.

    Where she got the power from she did not know, but she made it, her body hang from the side of the spider, slowly pulled herself upwards, climbing its back, held on tight as it moved around trying to get her off. None of the small spiders moved, they stayed clear, out of the way, the poison had not won, she had not lost. “Be damned if I win over a mad shadow user, poisonous stings, to fall prey for you. You are mine, like I am yours. “Her voice screamed the words, brining power to her blow as the stone smashed against one eye, then another, then another. Its body cringed under her, it was as if she could feel its pain, yet she did not stop, there was no time, it had to die and she did not wish to make it suffer. “For I am not you… You are all that I am not, still more alike me than I would ever have dreamt. “ With those words, it fell to the floor, not dead, just in pain. She leapt down from it, walked towards it with a look of understanding on her face, no shouts of victory, no smirk, no pride. It could still fight, she knew it, deep down there was no doubt in her mind. To her it was as if it had waited, waited for the day she would walk in… With a humble look she watched it in silence for a moment, gave it a firm nod and lifted the stone. The stone in her hand hit and carved against the upper part of one of its legs. As it finally loosened from the rest of its body she took the thick, strong leg in her right hand, dropped the stone down on the cave floor.

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  Jf311

    “For now I am like you, like you soon are to be part of me. You will die by my hand, die by your own ways. And there is no dishonor in dying by your own ways. “The leg she used to pull one of its large fangs out, used the fang to pierce the spiders flesh, letting its own poison fill its body, her hands forced the fang on and on into its body… Until it laid all still in front of her and she sank down on her knees resting herself against it. Her free hand stroke it gently, her voice more humble, more respectful than she had ever heard it(Your sacrifice shall not be in vain. )”Thu dorun ker jik bi en velta." (forgive me. I shall honor you) “Freda do. Do ker aldant dek.” A feeling of satisfaction filled her, no pride, no victory as she looked from the fang in her hand and down on the spider. Her eyes searched the cave, the small spiders were gone. “I feel wrong to leave you here… Without doing anything special… But I know what you wanted. How it happened, what made it happen I do not know… I will honor you with doing just that.. “ her voice echoed against the cave walls, she leaned her head back and a loud screaming “Ah- hooom” echoed through all of the caves, the sound slowly fading. With new found energy, she left the caves, walked into the sunlight with the spiders fang in her hand.

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    Home and named

    “ I am a Spider, a Jadefang…I am Adiven Jadefang Crin with your sacrifice I have grown, with your sacrifice, you and I are one and for as long as I am so are you… For you are now a part of me.” “Jadefang, for its green eyes..”

    The ceremony was over, she was given her name. Proud she had returned to them, questioning, wondering and in ways so sure, yet unsure if this is what she had been meant to do. Now she knew..

    With her armor on, with her weapons she walked out of Stromgarde. None would ever claim she did not keep her promises.

    Kneeling on the hill, she paid respects to the Spider before she lit the fire as promised.. Four nights went by… With nightmares filling her mind.

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  Adiven10

    The first night, was a horrible sign of what would await her in the nights to come. Dreams so vivid she woke up sweating and screaming, out of breath, out of voice.. Horrifying images of monsters coming for her, claiming her, unseen as she turned around, visible only as she stared into the mirror..

    Waking up in such a state she left the hill, headded down to a lake. The lake laid silent without waves, showing the reflections of the hills and mountains, the green grass around her, at peace for a moment she knelt down, to wash her face in the lake only to scream.... The nightmares of her dreams, vidid to the touch behind her. But as she turned with her blade in hand, she saw nothing... Scared, worried and in deep thoughts she made her way back up upon the hill.

    She meditated, she waited and she watched around her as day turned to night. Asking the Ancestors for guidance had given her nothing so far.. And where was she… Was she at all going to come? Did the woman just play some horrid game with her?
    The second night came.. And the nightmares of before filled her mind… Her face rotting away… A scenario of a dream where she found herself being much older then she now was.. Dressed in fine clothing, on a faraway island where the customs and ways of the community was far from what she had grown up with.. But somehow the dream made her feel, as if… There was something more to it…

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  Adiven11
    She felt a loneliness, a despair so great. Locked up in this house, in the dream all alone.. No one there.. Despite the images on the walls of people, a sign of someone else living there.. Or soemone that had.. Tears ran down her cheeks as she woke up, the sun barely visible over the mountain sides, leaving half of what she could see in shadow. And still there was no old lady waiting for her..

    She had told her mother, there was something she needed to do, a promise she needed to keep and she had been allowed.. "I said you were free to leave Adiven, to come and go as you pleased when you had completed your rite, even though I do not feel this is a good idea, I will not go back on my words."

    Her mother; despite how much she recented her at times, was still her mother and sadly her mother was usually right about her feelings on things... "I kept my promise woman... For two nights and soon three days I have waited... On the morning of the Fifth day I will leave if you do not show yourself... I did nay promise to suffer for you!"

    No sound but the birds, the wind, the grass moving could be heard... And once again the day turned to night and she went asleep with fear in her heart.

    The fourth day and night came, her mind so troubled by her dreams that she did not know what to think, let alone if she was truly dreaming, or truly being awake.. And as the morning rose the fifth day, she knew she was not alone.
    “I know you have waited, but it takes long for this old body to travel…”
    “Somehow I do not believe you old woman… But I am here… As told.. “

    She was angry, confused and scared, she knew well the old woman was nothing but just that…
    “What do you want from me?”
    Surprised by the woman’s answer she stared at her stunned when she spoke.
    “I want you to follow me into a forest far from here, for I want you to learn… And when there… I will tell you more.”
    “To learn? Follow you where? You must share more…”

    The old woman just shook her head at her words. “You won’t utter a word Adiven Jadefang Crin until we get there and then and only then… Shall I tell you what I want for you to do!”


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    The old lady and the wolves.

    Mountains, grass and hills left behind… Around her was naught but a mist covering a wasteland. Down into the mist they had ridden, left to see little but the wasteland around them… No sound, no birds, no wind, it was as if everything around them were dead. Silence, was all there was beyond the faint sound of their own breaths, the horses as they rode forth.. And in the silence… There was a void.

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  Wastel10

    Faint sounds would fill the air, abolished the silence surrounding them, combined with deep howls. But the old lady did not seem to notice, nor mind. Adiven could not have been more wrong, for as the shadows in the mist became clear, the old woman pulled at the reins. As the horse stopped, she slid down and went down on one knee. And then they came to her, to greet her.

    “They… welcome you?” her voice was faint as she slid off her own saddle, to walk closer. “They are what they are, just like you… “ –And what do you mean by that?
    “We are all living Jadefang… There is no difference between an animal and a human. We are all spirits, we all fight for our survival and do what needs to be done..”
    - Old woman, if you brought me out in the woods for this alone? This far fro-

    Her voice faded, it was as if the air itself thickened around her, the hair on the back of the wolves raised up, they tensed. They knew.. But what did they know?
    “I promised you I would teach you. I would grant you a lesson to carry with you… And as you are to keep your word, as am I… But no matter what happens… You are never to speak of this.”

    In silence she just offered her a nod. She knew already that to speak was of little need, as the old lady seemed to be able to see right through her, to her core, essence and thoughts. And with a gesture, she walked forth… Into a dead forest, without the old lady, the wolves being her only companions…

    Twenty five days she had counted… Twenty five days, travelling, being gone… So far from home. The wolves had howled at her departure, yet she knew.. They would never welcome her in the same means they did the old lady, for they had done what they needed to do.
    With a flute firmly in her hands she rode, the dry leather reins, held lightly by her soar, dry hand, as the melody filled the night and turned to softer tunes as if played by someone else than her, so well known, yet so unfamiliar, she felt at peace…

    “For you must long have wondered, the true meaning of seeing… The voice urging you forth. Fear not Adiven Jadefang Crin, for in your pain, in your misery, there is hope. Never let go of that hope Adiven… For every sorrow, is a new strength for you. Embrace them, carry their sorrow and memories at your shoulders. Never give in… And take every bad encounter as a lesson, to never be repeated. When the night falls over the sands once more… It will come to you. And is it comes to you, you will know... At that moment…” she had turned silent then… With an empty look upon her face.

    “At that moment, you will be brought back…”

    - Brought back? What do you mean? All these riddles….
    “Farwell Jadefang.. Should our roads ever cross again, you will do what you should.”

    In thin air she had vanished, her, the horse, just gone.

    She slid the flute back into her bag, days she had spent carving it out, turning it into what it now was… Small patterns carved into the wood, covered the entire flute and as she put the flute down, the night was turning to day and the sun was rising high up over the hills. Out of thin air as she saw the contours of Stromgarde far in the distance, her own voice sang loud and clear.

    “A clouded dream on an earthly night
    Silence upon the crescent moon
    A voiceless song in an ageless light
    Singing at the coming dawn.
    Where no birds, spreads to flight.

    Where the heart moves the stones,
    Where the dreams float to day
    That is where.. I was
    And this is where I stay.

    A painting, a forest, as if on a wall.
    Nestled in the emerald moss
    The eyes declare a truce of trust.
    And then it draws me far away.
    Staring into her eyes,
    There is naught, an if I may.

    We are deep in the desert twilight
    Sand melts in pools of the sky
    When darkness lays her crimson cloak
    Your roars will call, call me home. "

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  Wastel11

    "And so it’s there my homage’s due
    Clutched by the still of the night
    And now I feel, fell you move..
    Every breath so full

    So here is my homage’s due..
    Never thought I ever would.
    Even the distance feels so near.
    Let to soar, left to swear.

    I paid my homeage’s due
    Locked in oath, without a clue.
    But as was told, so shall be.
    Without the due, I would never be free.

    A clouded dream on an earthly night
    Silence upon the crescent moon
    A voiceless song in an ageless light
    Singing at the coming dawn.
    Where no birds, spreads to flight.

    Where the heart moves the stones,
    Where the dreams float to day
    That is where.. I was
    And this is where I stay.

    Birds in flight are calling there
    Where the heart moves the stones
    It's there that my heart is longing for
    All for the love of you.

    And without my homeage’s due…
    I would never… run into you..
    And so she said, so she spoke,
    Without a lie in her hollow voice.

    For in the coming dawn,
    Birds shall go to flight.
    And there, in the presence of the crescent moon..
    Deep in the darkest of night..

    There will be you. “

    Puzzled by her own song, she stopped, let the horse rest, until she smelled it…
    With a loud roar accompanied by the roars of others in the distance, the scent of… death she rode forth… Clouds were gathering on the sky. Clouds of smoke.

    Cursed clouds.. Cursed sky..
    “Look up towards the cursed sky,
    Dark is the moon as the horizon swallow us.
    Leaving us with nothing but a question…”


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    The Ogres and the Syndicate- Leaving Stromgarde.

    Mere sixteen years old…Not young to be fighting, as any Arathorian above the age of twelve was expected to fight and defend, like any adult would. And she had, fought her way through the masses, shouted out her mothers name, until… She heard a voice calling her name.
    Holding the second, the least she would ever dream to hold in this way… With her hands clutched around the dagger she once was given by him she knelt over his body. His eyes almost closed, his words so faint.

    “We never say goodbye Jadefang. For like last, I know we will meet again..”
    Broken, torn, the battle still going on around them, yet she could not leave him like this. “You have been all that I could rely on. In anything… And I cant.. “
    Her voice died out, the sight of him, the blood soaking through the wounds that had penetrated his armor, now covered her hands. “Don’t..” she had not even had time to drop the dagger before he spoke. “My time have come. But I cannot die fighting, for I cannot stand…” his eyes fell on her dagger, desperately she shook her head. “No..”
    “Jadefang, had I been a dying horse..”

    Inside her mind her own voice was screaming, fighting a battle against her own will, her eyes searched over the masses fighting, no sign of her mother, no sign of her new father, no one within reach and her eyes fell down upon him. His meeting hers without caving, staring right through her. There was no other way, no other way she could live with and yet, how would she live with this?
    “When my father died, you took his place… As my guardian, as my father.. You are asking, too much… “
    His voice, strained, focused, as if he used the last of his energy to speak, rang loud, like echoes inside her head. “It is not murder, to put me out of my misery Jadefang. It is my wish… “

    Strenght, his hand tightened around her thigh.  His face, forever burned into her mind, the look in his eyes, the peacefulness, the bliss, not the emptiness she would expect, the horror, the pain.. it was as if he truly had wanted this, as her dagger sank deep into his flesh… She closed his eyes, said her goodbye, for there was no time to spare, no time to mourn, no time to honor him fully.

    The fighting kept on, no Arathorian seemed to think of retreating, and to where? Drained, battered, beaten and wounded, she kept on, fighting, looking and searching, no sign of her mother, no sign of anyone… All of them looked alike to her at that point, as her hands touched the ground, her face hit the earth.

    Strong hands clutched around her wrists, then her arms, dragging her, but she was too out of it, to think, too out of it to care.. as the arms dragged her away from the battle.

    “Under siege?” –You mean…
    “Yes, there is no going back now… We are all too scattered. Orders was to stay back. “
    She could not believe it, surrender? Retreat? Arathor? Stromgarde… Home…
    All lost… gone.. Lives, lost.. Lives that would feast in the great halls for their honorable deaths and she was told to flee like a coward?
    “I am not going anywhere!”

    Fingers touched her cheeks, brushing some dirt off her skin.
    “You know, even in a dark moment such as this, you still have the most beautiful look on your face when you are angry. “Pain, surging through her entire body, she had forgot, how foolish of her, the deep wound at her side reopened, she could even hear the stitches snatch open by her stupid movement. Warmth, blood, soaking down her side. So warm… And so dark… “I cant… se-“ and she drifted off again..

    Miles away from home, she knew it the moment she opened her eyes, the movements revealing that she was indeed moving.. but not on her own feet. Dragged on wood, after a horse.

    “Take me back home!”

    “If you are not able to see the sensibility of allowing yourself to get stronger, grow up and then return to become a part of Arathor once more and reclaim it.. Then by all means, do get off and head back if you think you can walk..”

    “Watch… See… “ so faint, but it was there. Once more the voice was talking, but it was as if he didn’t hear it. Not that she could recall who he was, just the smile on his face, those deep, deep eyes…

    “Fine! I will come along with you… Until I am done, prepared and ready. For I will have my home back! “


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    Meeting her beloved.

    “Guardian… hear me… Ancestors guide me, for I do not know where to go. I can not go home… All I can do, is become strong, knowledgeable and then… Then I can return…”

    Two years had passed, two long years since she had been dragged off, saved, spared.. And one year had passed since she told him to get lost… To seek his own dreams, his own desires. He had been a good friend, companion… But it was time for her, to do what she had to do. Learn…
    As if had not paid her due.. As if she was meant to be punished… the rain soaked down  over her head, her red locks fell against her cheeks, framing her face, like a drowned kitten. “How much more?”

    She had studied, watched, learned, stitched more wounds, mended more injuries, healed more than she could possibly have imagined… On her path she had tried to adapt, fit in, learn.. Practiced various styles of combat, weapons and yet… Whenever she took a moment to herself it was as if the skies descended down upon her, to kick her in the ass.

    “Raindrops are falling.
    I can feel them down my spine.
    A bitter winter storm
    Is waiting down the line…

    I cannot even see the sun through the cold
    And darkest nights.
    When there’s no light ahead…
    Another lonely star, is the only light.

    So I will lift my head up high,
    And throw all my fears aside.
    If I can find a place of peace,
    Then I know I will survive…

    But there is always so much more…
    When you believe…
    When you believe..
    There will a guardian by your side…

    You will always have a guardian…
    By your side. “

    Ignoring the constant rain soaking her entirely, her voice kept humming as she gazed out over the sea. Far, far off, she could see a ship approaching the dock. With light feet and little to bring but her armor and bag, she slid down the hillside with a determined look on her face.

    Days later, she wished she had never entered the ship. But she needed to eat and work there was plenty of. Lifting, moving, packing, unpacking, baking, serving… It felt like she was high and low, all over the place.Yet, it was a pleasant change to be somewhere she could call home for a little while, relax, breath, knowing there was enough guards scattered around for her to take a moment to herself and.. There was no longer raining when she did.

    That is how she ran into him, home… Home, was the first thought that filled her mind, before she tripped over a barrel and planted her face into the mud..

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  The_be10

    It was not an Arathorian hill, just a simple road, a small hill, a stupid barrel, a lot of mud... and her face all smeared with it... But that was what she had seen. The long hair, the hard face, the broad shoulders, his clothing! She was lost...

    Laughter, lots of laughter and some of the girls at the tavern shouting "Oh, Jadefang, did you finally see something you liked?" Could she possibly be more embaressed? For months they had tried to hook her up with one after the other, but she did not want a man... A man was not a man, if he was not an Arathorian... But this man..

    Shy, embaressed and slightly scared she lifted her head out of the mud, peering up into a wide smirk, but not a gloating one. His hand extended, shame.. She should have jumped right up on her feet and yet she still was in the mud, face down.. "What would my father think of me now..." she mumbled to herself as she took his hand and let him drag her up on her feet.

    "I would say I am flattered... but I fear you would break my nose. "
    Her patience had run out, but she could not blame him, but he stepped back slightly, let go off her hand and gave her one of those awaiting, worried looks... Until she laughed, hard and long, the laughter just would not stop..

    "I thought you looked sober... But  as you are not blind, yet stumbled over a rather large barrel... It must mean you either are drunk, were dreaming or just saw a ghost.."

    The words snapped her back into the real world and she looked at him, truly looked at him. as of she saw him for the first time.

    "I am sober.. I was dreaming.. For you reminded me of home.."
    She could hear the giggles from the other women and girls in the background, their failed attempts to whisper and all she could do was to nod. "Home.."

    - Then miss, I suggest you come with me, let me clean up that face of yours so I can see if you remind me of home too.

    "I didn"
    "Now, now.. I am just teasing.. But do come. If anything you can in the least let me buy you a drink."

    Adiven Jadefang Crin  The_be11

    From that day, they were not seen straying from eachothers side.. They travelled from Theramore, to Tanaris, he fought along side with her, trained with her, cooked with her. In the too warm days, when the sand filled their faces and they could hardly breath, they retreated behind walls, resting in front of the fire, shared tales of the times before they met.

    Years of peace, years of love, happiness and hard work.. Days she would never forget.
    She was sixteen when she left Stromgarde, now she was twenty four.. Each day the longing for home increased, each day she worried of the lack of hearing the voice. But with him.. she was complete, without, she could not even bring herself to consider it. Still he would find her outside every night, looking over the sea, as if waiting for something.

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    The Old Man

    Tired of sitting on her hands and holding her tongue she left the Garrison… Respect was one of the virtues of light and way of being that should be followed. She would not give into the temptation of offering a hand where it was not needed, or speak out against those who should know better…

    With efficiency she saddled up Earthshade and headed towards Stormwind. On her way she picked up her flute, kept to the streets as she knew what the woods might hold in store for her, and she was not in the mood to fight. The melodies filled the woods as she road forth and she enjoyed the moment alone, a moment in peace without any distractions.

    Inside the gate of Stormwind the city was silent, cloaked in darkness, only lit up by the few lights from the poles here and there, the windows she passed. Now and then she passed a drunkard on the streets, a few beggars and the sound of drunk men and women filled the night as she passed the bars.

    Seeking for a place to gather her thoughts or let her mind drift, she rode towards the docks, some workers were already bright awake, ready to load up the ships for the new day.. . As she saw the sun about to rise, spreading its light over the sea something caught her eye. To her left she could see the top of a man’s head behind a small wooden counter.
    “He could be in trouble, “ she thought as she slid down from the saddle, pacing towards him.
    “Can I help you with anything, you seem lost young girl?” the man said. His white hair, showed clear signs of his age, so did the many wrinkles of the old man’s face. With a light tone she replied: “I am more concerned about you old man”.

    And so they began talking, questioning the others reason for being there, speaking of worth, how old people can still make changes, contribute.. He seemed reluctant to believe in anything, let alone hold any means of hope or faith in himself.

    It was then he offered her to come with him, to show her something. Cautiously she glanced around before she followed him to a nearby table. She cracked a joke about illusions that the man seemed to not get, he simply assured her that he had no time or strength for such petty trivial things.

    Dymytri the old man, picked a shadowgem up from his pocket and placed it upon the table.
    “Do you know what this is?”
    Adiven pondered, as he could very well be asking her this as a trick question, but then again what could the old man possibly have to gain…
    “If that is what I think it is, then yes I do know what it is”
    “What is it then?”

    “It’s a shadowgem si-Dymytri” again she almost forgot to call him by his name, not sir.. She peered down on the gem frowning slightly.
    “And how did it come to be?”
    Her thoughts wandered, she searched her mind inside and out but could not find an answer.
    “How it came to be, that however I do not know Dymytri. I am just aware of how to get them. “
    “Well… there it is.. “
    he said, pausing before he continued. Adiven remained silent, she knew there would be more to come.

    “A long time ago, longer than the ages of Elves and Gods of the now, there was a great city, whose glory spanned throughout all the known land. The city was inhabited by men of darker skin and women of ebony colors. And all of the city was built upon glass, gem and shadow. Of the very same kind that you see here before you.  Buildings which touched the sky and confided in the clouds the secrets of their masters. “
    Adiven contemplated his words, narrowed her eyes and folded her hands upon her lap as she peered at him intently, taken by the story from its very beginning.  Dymytri smiled, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, allowing her to rest her body slightly and find a more comfortable position to sit in on the small chair.

    “And the land around it flourished. And the beasts of the wild were docile and plentiful. A man could throw a spear with his eyes closed and surely at the end of it, he'd find something good to eat.”The mere thought of that made her close her eyes, imagining it just like he had describe it, her mind drifted away into his tale for a short moment.

    “And in this land of tranquility, there ruled their Queen, Nada. Who was wise beyond her years and beautiful beyond description. And she had no man.”

    An amused look filled her face then as she peered over on the old man, who without a single exception took a drink of his flask, whenever he deemed it needed to pause. Her finger tips tapped lightly against her armor, as she tilted her head to the side, waiting eagerly for him to continue.

    “And the maids in the tallest tower would say "But My Queen, you are above all desire and intent. In you lies the power and future of our kind. Yours is the power to chose."
    “And she'd say "Then where is the man for me?" And the maids sighed and said nothing. And days passed, when a strange man appeared at the foot of her tower. Dressed in robes of flame, he looked up at her with eyes deep as pools of dark water. And she looked at him and her heart sank amidst its depths. That night, the Queen did not sleep.”

    A wide smirk filled her face, as the entirely wrong images filled her mind, a soft low chuckle let her lips, as she did not wish to disturb the old man.

    “At dawn, she called upon her hunters to search for the man with the flaming robes. And sent them away for what seemed lifetimes of search. And one after the other returned bearing no news of the stranger. In grief and despair, she left the comforts of her tower to confide with the beasts for news of her Desire. And she met with the Monarch of the Skies, the King of Birds who sent off all of his kin in search of the man astray.”

    As predicted, at the tone of his voice, he did indeed again pause to take a sip of his drink. Lost in his story everything but his words is shut out, her fingertips drummed against her armor, excited and awaiting. Unable to hold her tongue like she had tried so hard to do she speaks with a questioning tone in her voice, impatient.

    “And then???”

    “The birds return, one after the other bearing no news. And another night passes.” A sad notion fills her at the thought, the poor woman… “The waiting must have been horrible for her.. “, she thought as her mind could not help but to be affected by the turn of the tale.
    “And just as the Queen Nada was about to lose hope, a small weaver bird returns with news of the shtranger. It rests upon the King'sh shoulders and speaks of the Man in Flames. “
    Her lips parted all on her own, realizing it she shut them close, to wait, the temptation to question his story  was there ever present.

    “He gasps and turns to the Queen "Cease and desist your hunt, Nada! For that which you seek belongs to neither Man or God. No love can be held between your kind, for nothing but pain and destruction will come from your Union!"

    “And she left, fleeing in tears towards the river, where she'd lay down gazing upon the skies. And there she cried silently, not understanding the words of the King. Was she condemned to live only half a life? Was she fated to live alone, never whole for eternity? And as these questions burned through her mind, she drifted away to sleep.”

    Hearing those words, she shifted uncomfortably on the chair, a thoughtful look filled her face and she peered from him down onto her hands, slowly she looked back up at him, listening. But the thoughts the story so far had brought lingered in her mind.

    “She was woken by the weaver bird's voice, who whispered in her ear. "I know how to take you to the lair of the one you so desire." "How?" “Yes, how??” Adiven thought but she did not speak out loud. "Swallow whole a flaming berry from the cherry blossoms of the Sun and they will take you closer to your heart's desire. I will bring it for you if you chose to stay here." And up flew the white bird, for three days and three nights. And time passed, and the Queen lay, hidden from sight, waiting by the river.

    Finally, on the sixth day, the weaver bird returned, no longer white but brown, scorched by the blazing tongues of the sun. “ A faint gasp left her lips, imagining the little weaver bird in her mind.

    “And that is why to this very day, all weaver birds are brown.”

    As she gaze on Dymytri she could see a fond smile upon his lips, before he reached out for his flask again..

    “He placed the flaming cherry upon the ground in front of the Queen. "Thank you, my gracious savior. As a reward, no man shall ever taste the flesh of a weaver bird, so that you and your kind may live and prosper in peace for the service which you have today provided me." And that is why to this very day, humans have no longer the habit of consuming the flesh of the weaver bird.”

    Unable to hold back she spoke out loud: “And the cherry???”
    Dymytri nodded slowly, as if tracking back on what he said.

    “She picked the cherry and swallowed the Ember whole. And she screamed as she felt it burn down her throat, as it seared her flesh from within and then... all went black.”
    All to lost in the story, she again heard herself gasping and staring at Dymytri impatiently.
    “When she opened her eyes, she saw naught but shade and shadow. And she walked, amidst the darkness, following the only path she could distinguish amidst the nothing. She saw visions of other beings, fey and fawn. Of two brothers who murdered one another. Of dragons and titans and many others which have long since then been lost to the tongues of men. Until, amidst the confusion and the hallowed halls of this realm of harrowing, she found the stairway which led to a Throne. And there she saw him for the second time. Pools of dark water, looking through her, robes of flame dancing in the shadows. And he stood up. "Why have you come to search for me?" "I have come to search for you... because I loved you the moment I set my eyes upon you. But I see now it was a mistake."
    "A mistake?"
    "A mistake, my Lord. What I see before me is neither man nor God, and that which you become transcends all which could ever be made natural. Our tale will only end in tragedy if we follow it through." Consumed by the tale, she nodded her head. To lost in it to notice.
    “ And here he took a few steps towards her "For many years, ages and creations I have stood and have seen Queens, Guardians, Goddesses and others pass. And yet none has had the courage or means to seek me out. You have." And he continued.

    "For this, I would make you my Queen, to rule amidst the Dreams of Gods and Mortals alike."
    And she wept, for the Dream Lord offered her love. And she fell into silence upon uttering her reply."No."

    But the Dream Lord is a proud one. And he would show her his will.  He offered her once more. And she fled. He chased after her through the realms of shadow. She turned into a gazelle and fled throughout the planes. And he became a hunter which slew the gazelle. She fled to the highest mountain, and taking a shard of a rock, she took her own maiden head, for only the purest bodies were worthy of Monarchs.

    Her eyes widened, she found herself shaking her head lightly, as her fingers twined together upon her lap and a displeased look filled her face.

    “The Dream Lord approached her. "Kai'ckul, Dream Lord, I have shed my purity and my Maiden's pride amongst these rocks. My body is no longer mine to give away, and I am unworthy to become your bethroded." And he laughed and shook his head, taking her upon his embrace.And he touched her sex, upon which it healed. Then they kissed. And protected by the silent stars, they became one.

    And all living creatures saw her body. And all living creatures felt the heat of their touch, smelled the scent of their sweat and the pressing of their bodies. The rythm of their movement lulled all living things.

    That night, all which was dreamt of love.”

    The notion of it made her blink her eyes as she stared upon Dymytri in silence. He paused there, took in a few breaths before he went for yet another drink of the flask.

    “Dawn came. And the Sun, horrified by the sacriledge which was commited upon the mountain sent down a flamming ball of Fire which, just before the eyes of the Queen, reduced the proud city to naught.

    The land became barren and scorched. The city was no more. And in its ruins, nothing lay bigger than this...” Dymytri stopped again, sooner than she expected and her eyes followed the movements of his hand as he leaned forth patting the shadowgem. And as he patted it an unsure look grew upon her face.

    “She cried out in Terror, seeing the destruction that she caused. And wept in fear of what was to become. She turned to the Dream Lord. "I have bestowed Doom upon my people... nothing remains for me here. I must attone for my crimes and rebuild what was lost." "There is nothing for you out there. Come with me and become my Queen in the lands undying."


    "I did not ask you to."

    And in horror, sorrow and regret, she jumped out to the rocks below her, letting the jagged rocks claim her flesh, blood and life.”

    He stops, shakes his head for a little moment and she keeps looking down on the shadowgem, as a sad look fills her eyes, lightly she shaked her head while she stared down on the table.

    “Upon opening her eyes again, she lay at a cross roads. She waited for the Lady in Black to come and take her away. But not even here she was safe from the Dream Lord, for he is neither Mortal nor God, but something which is inherent in all which is. I will ask you one more time. Be my Queen amidst the Lands which are and always will be."

    "My Lord, I could never do so by your side. Not with the weight of the Sins I have commited and the disgrace I have brought upon my people. Please, do not ask me again."

    He hissed.

    “"Queen. I am the Dream Lord, Kai'ckul. I Lord over the dreams of all which is. I do not beg, I do not supplicate. And yet I beg you. Come with me, live forever by my side."

    And she denied him.

    "Nada. Come with me, lest you be faced with torment for eternity over the Sins which you have brought upon your people. If I ask you again, and you refuse me, then you shall suffer a fate worse than guilt or death."

    "The Nether and the Daemons of creation shall await you eagerly to join them in eternities of torment and pain, to atone for your crime. This awaits you if you deny me again."

    And she cried silently with a whisper.

    "Then please, do not ask me again."

    But.....the Dream Lord is a proud one.”

    The heavy sigh then leaving Dymytri’s lips made her worried, he was clearly tired. The thought of offering him to stop filled her mind, but she could not make herself ask him to… His flask was empty, clearly as he opened one of the bottles on the table, slowly drinking from it.. “I wonder,” she thought, “how much that old man can drink before he does fall over.. .”

    "And.. As he is a proud one???” she had to ask, asking seemed to pull him away from the bottle and back into the story.

    “He asked of course.”

    A faint “heh” left him before he took yet another swig of his drink, apparently his last by the sounds of it..

    Moved by the story and filled with thoughts she looks to him with a faint smile. “That… tale.. is.. beautiful.. and horrible..”

    “It is whichever you chose to make of it.”
    Yet another sign of the old man’s worth, she could not help herself from thinking that despite his lack of faith in himself.. Worried about him, she knew long before he offered for her to return whenever she would like too, that she would head back to the docks, if not to hear a story, then to simply check up on him. When she rode from the docks she felt in more need to let her mind drift than before.. “How could the old man know? Did he even know? “ the thoughts filled her mind as the images of her lost love filled her mind, the regret, the shame filled her, hit her in the gut… And not knowing how to make the feeling go away this time, she headed for the bars…

    Hours later, she could be seen holding the reins of her horse, leading it with her unbalanced walk all over Stormwind, trying to find her way out of the gates.. .

    When she awoke that next morning, her armor laid in piles spread all over the floors, her clothing soaked of the water of the canals still and outside, she found Earthshade standing loyally at his place, still with full armor on….

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    Down at the docks.

    With a thoughtful look on her face she turned her horse towards the harbor.
    “Maybe.. He is there”
    She could see the smoke of his cigar, before she could see him beckoning her over. The sight of his “home” put a smile on her face.

    “Or.. Morning rather?”
    the sun was already rising over the mountains and the fact it fell down over his face, made her realize she had once again lost all track of time.
    “Times of little meaning when routine get the best of you.” He said with a weak smile, exhaling from his cigar. But his words made her worried and she could not help but to give him a worried look, despite knowing how little he appreciated such. His violent cough deepened her worry and as he spit to the side she had to fight to not take the cigar from him.
    “Let me guess... “He said, cut off by her reply, long delayed by the worries sin
    king so deep into her mind, she had to question the why... She did not know the old man well at all.

    “Routine can be a good thing Dymytri, but alas you are right. It can be too much—“
    “You've come to either squeeze another story out of the old man, or to stare, which is also an option...
    Or to feel pity.”
    His questioning gaze was like a shot through her stomach. It seemed pointless to try hiding things from him. Even if he was wrong, he was also right.
    “I can nay pity you, for you have too much wisdom hidden behind your surface. “
    “Alternatively, you have come to feel good about yourself on how you worry.
    Oh? Wisdom, heh.”
    His words of feeling good, offered him a deep sigh.
    “I did nay come for a story as such would be taking you for granted old man.”
    “An old man's tale.”

    She smirked then, in a very sly manner, and the old man smirked back at her. Finally, she thought. His down moods somehow made her feel gutted.
    “I came because I care.”

    He always asked, drink, cigar, somehow the old man at some things never seemed to learn.

    Adiven shook her head lightly then and gave him a wide smirk. “Nay. Nay drinkin and nay smokin”, despite telling him again, she could not help but to ponder how many times more she would get to say those words to him.

    “Do you at least have a boyfriend?” His question almost put her all of her guard.
    “And I nay feel better with myself for coming here old man. All good deeds are selfish - nay... And I do drink from time to time but not the days I come by here.”
    “I like you girl. Jadefang, was it?”
    “Yes, Dymytri”
    she said with a chuckle.

    “I see. Well, do an old man a favor and fetch me a bottle of bourbon.
    And I'll make sure it'll be worth it.”
    With the words spoken, he brought the cigar back to his lips to take another drag of it.

    “I thought you would nay ask. You said last time if I ever came back to bring one”. Glad she had recalled she could not help but to smile, for she had recalled, something he clearly had not expected.

    Dymytri forced himself to his feet, with a loud groan. And Adiven walked closer to him, opened the bag at her side and took out two bottles of bourbon; gently she placed them down on the counter with a wide smirk on her face.

    “Now, ye need tha recall that ye should nay be drinkin all the time tho”
    Dymytri took the bottles and inspected them closely. With a faint little hum, he looked at each bottle in return before he lowered them with a nod. The fact he seemed content with her choice calmed her slightly. But she knew well to not let her worry shine through the expression of her face.

    “Lass, when you're my age you understand a few things.
    You've ever been so drunk you threw up and woke up with a headache?”

    The images of her last meeting with him filled her mind and she fought hard to not laugh.  Still for a brief moment she felt as if she could not breath, the sadness stinging like a torn inside her.
    “Tha drinkin and smokin is tha only thin' tha' keeps time goin?
    Ye... The day after I visited you last old man”

    “Well, then you'll have learned that your body is evil and will betray you at every turn.
    So you must punish it!
    “Those Church fellows well... they flail themselves and live a life of guild and restraint.
    I drink and smoke! I combined the better of two worlds!
    Punishing myself with the finest pleasures!
    Where I any younger, I'd surely be chasing myself a fine lass too to spend the night with.
    ...alas, I cannot.”

    The old man took the first bottle then, took a big swig of it and then placed his cigar on it right after. Adiven tried to imagine herself with his view of the world and the sudden thoughts of Shar and Eodan filled her mind for a moment. “Maybe… I will be as open as they are one day…” she thought to herself.

    Adiven could not help it, with a teasing look in her eyes and a mind full of thought she said:
    “You sound like an old Arathorian spirit you know”
    “I used to live nearby. I knew many Arathi in my days. After all, ‘twas quite close to my home. Nevertheless. I suppose you do not want to waste your time here. Yes?”

    “I got a lot of time old man. But wasting it, I am not. I do enjoy your company.”
    “Well, have you ever wondered why I refuse to go into the inner city?
    Why I live by the open docks, regardless of the poor conditions for me?
    Why all my wares are always packed tightly? Or even why I sit always by the leaving boats?”

    She raised her brows for a moment, and then narrowed her eyes as she thought about his words. Very much unsure if it was a good enough answer, she shook her head lightly, as if dismissing her own thoughts.

    “Because you are not the man of responsibility, in need to run, to be free, to not be bound, because you cannot handle it.”
    He clearly noticed the questioning look upon her face but he said nothing about it.
    “How many times have you found yourself lost amidst the city?”
    “A few, but in fairness not that many.”
    “And what happened in those days?”

    “I asked for aid along the way... Not much happened in those days Dymytri, as I was just... travelling, exploring... And the getting lost for a few hours did not bother me, it was exciting. “
    His voice dragged out as if he chewed on the word itself a hundred times, hesitating to go on. “Well...”

    “Let me tell you something that happened to me during my travels. Something I saw,”
    She nodded her head faintly, holding back the eagerness. “And what was it you saw?”

    Dymytri as if having drifted off in his mind for a long while, shook his head and looked around as if he just had woken up. “Huh? Oh, yes, right. “

    “Well, one time, I stayed in a Tavern for a bit longer than I had expected. I move later, to the latrines and stay there a while, doing my business.
    And upon returning to the main room, everything was empty.
    The fireplace had turned to embers and ash. The candles were off... and not a living soul in sight. I walked up to the front door, but it had been locked already.”

    A small pause, to make him regain his breath, yet he did not continue right away so Adiven nodded her head slowly, and gestured with her hand for him to go on.

    “So I went into the back door. I searched through the kitchen and I found it, behind a pile of tools, brooms and garbage.
    So I take it upon myself, I open it up and I leave.
    Now... this normally would only mean that I'm at the back of the building, right?”
    - Yes
    “I was wrong.”
    “I had never ever seen that street before.
    Not in my entire life or in the days I lived there. And mind you, I lingered around the Tavern many days.”

    Adiven arched a brow questioningly. All the options for such a thing flew right through her mind.
    “ Magic?”

    “No, there were no traces of it.
    Back when I still had any manner of connection to it. Nevertheless, my connection to hidden powers is a matter for another time.”

    The smile on his face made her ponder... What was he really? He spoke of the church as if he had been a faithful, yet... He condemned it at the same time. Maybe he had turned to shadow? Maybe he had crossed some line…  Her eyes darted back up to him on the other side of the table and she grinned slightly as the smoke from the cigar fell over her face.

    “Then... what happened?”
    “Nevertheless, there was only one way out of the alley. And having closed the door behind me, I had no other choice but to go.
    I went through, for what seemed well over an hour and then I noticed. The Sun dared not to move in the sky. The shadows did not grow longer, they did not stretch.
    I picked up my pace and looked for a place where I could grab me a chariot who could take me home.
    And I did, and I sat at the stop for a longer time even!
    And then a chariot passed by. But it did not stop.
    And another man came. He came, sat, said nothing and then stood again.
    He walked towards the middle of the road. Another chariot passed him. I stood up! Shouted and instead of blood all I got was a flash and...
    ...there was nothing there. It's as if there never was.
    I was rather startled, naturally, as anyone in my position would have been!”

    He shook his head, took another swig of his drink as if to wash away the thought.
    Adiven peered at Dymytri with narrowed eyes and a contemplating thoughtful look on her face.

    “Please, do go on. “
    “Well, I left.”
    “I left and walked those very same unknown streets until I came to a bridge, over the city's canals.
    There, another man stood. And he asked me how I came to that place. And upon telling him what happened well, he panicked.
    "I must find that door!" He shouted! He grabbed me by the shoulders. "Where did you see it last?!"
    I told him what I saw. What I knew.
    And he babbled something incoherent and fled to where I had come from.
    And well... I mustered the strength to go on. To explore the unknown parts of this city which I had thought I knew.
    And then I came to a plaza.”

    Adiven arched a brow and it looked as if she was about to speak but her lips closed again, her head nodded faintly as she folded her hands on her lap, listening.
    “Here a woman sat beside her flowers.”
    Dymytri stopped then for a moment, as he noticed her motion.

    “Speak your mind, child.”
    “No no Dymytri, I was just to ask a question I am sure I will hear the answer too soon enough”,
    she said with a smile.
    “Well...” the doubtful tone of his voice almost made her change her mind, but this time she kept her expression hidden well.

    “In the center of this plaza there was a young woman, sitting on the edge of a fountain.
    She had many a myriad of flowers around her.
    And she beckoned me with an all too familiar face.
    Well, I turned and was drawn closer to her. I had met this woman before, a long time ago.
    And she asked me to talk to her. To tell her a tale. To keep her company when no one was around.
    She seemed oblivious to the emptiness of the city. Those only four human beings seemed to inhabit that empty space.
    She spoke of flowers, dreams and delights.”

    Adiven smiled at the image in her head of his words, it was as if the words themselves came to life inside her head, giving her a dreamy look on her face. And she did not seem to be the only one, for suddenly Dymytri shook his head with a sigh, as if just returning to an awaken state himself.
    “Right. I drifted for a moment.”
    “Yes, but I don’t mind. Do go on though please.”
    "“Nevertheless, all I could muster to ask was "What's going on here?"
    She didn't answer, but instead she reached out to grab a hold of my hand. She asked me to keep her company.
    Then just as I was about to take it, to rest for a while, to ask her some further questions, as she was so calm and tranquil a door opened!
    A man screamed at me to follow him and jolted awake, as if snapped back to reality from a spell, I darted towards him.
    And he explained to me. "Each and every road has a beginning and an end. The End is the door which leads to the other side, and unlike death, it may very well lead you only down stranger roads than this."
    "Your exit is open however! Do not touch the girl, flee while you can!"
    And she cried for me to come back, to keep her company and safe! But the man pushed me through the door and before I realized, I was before the city's gates.
    ...and the only door which remained was that of the Watch Tower which protected it.
    I later came to a tremendous realization...”"

    Adiven nodded slowly, twined her fingers with an awaiting look on her face.
    “Everything which we do takes a part of us with it. Its own piece of life. Its own moment from its creator. Be it a signature, a trait, a personality. It comes alive by our creation. You would agree yes?”
    With those words, he took another taste of the drink, and then returned his focus on her. Not waiting for her reply, he just kept talking and she did not stop as if she knew, he was not yet done.
    “The blade comes alive in your hand. As a painting comes alive before the artist's brush.”
    “Trying to dispute that Dymytri would be to try to speak against all logic...”
    “Then… know this.
    ...all which lives, dreams.
    And cities are very much alive!
    Containing the lives of thousands upon thousands of people who every day shapes it to their passing!
    What I saw was the very dream of the city!
    The city sleeps as we walk its very body.”

    At those words she blinked her eyes slowly, lifted her hands to rub her eyes with a puzzled, contemplating and thoughtful look on her face.

    “So... You just saw the dreams of the city... There was nothing else hidden in that?”
    “From Bishops to Cultists, from politicians to peddlers and beggars.
    Do you know why that made me leave the city?”
    he said giving her a searching look.
    “Can you take a guess?”
    “Because despite of its possible peacefulness, the idea of the boredom, lack of any form of stimulation and the fact it was regardless of not knowing... What it was, what brought you there..
    Not a creation or world that you knew..”

    “No, Jade. Not because of it. If cities are alive, with the essences of thousands and so different, it too has a will. It willed to keep me there. And now, I do not fear the sleeping cities.”
    Adiven smirked widely as a thought filled her mind. “You don’t, but you do fear having strings attached nay?”
    “But I dread the day that they wake up. Thus I linger in the docks.
    I dread the day, to even imagine the possibility of awakening. I dread the day, to even imagine the possibility of awakening.
    And mark my words, stranger things have happened.
    That is all I have to tell you tonight.”

    “I am not sure if I do believe that the city itself has a mind, will and soul of its own..”
    As he finished his cigar another flow of smoke hit her face and she could not help but to grin.
    “Does the sword not have one?”
    - But I do not disagree that the energy spent, the gathering of all the people, the flux of it, would make some kind of life.. Some kind of spirit, in some means or ways, combined, fed, nurtured by all of those who pass by, die here, and live here. “
    “You may choose to believe it or not. Again. A tale is always what you make of it.  Be it wisdom, stories, rambles. You decide.”
    He smiled then as he finished up his first bottle. His eyes searched for the unopened one and his statement was clear. “I’ll save this one for later.”
    “You do that… As I do not like you drinking too much. “
    “I'm a man of simple pleasures.”
    He said with a grin and stood up.

    “And thank you Dymytri.. For the story”
    “Now... I thank you for the bourbon.”
    “But do know I do not expect one, whenever I turn up even if I do appreciate them”
    “Is there anything else this old fool can entertain you with?”

    She smiled at that and bowed her head formally down towards him. Knowing well it would annoy him slightly.
    “I am an elder, but don't go bowing. I didn't do anything worth that.
    That's something of Kings and Princes and the Presumptuous!”
    “This supposed old fool should write a book, but alas yes, there could be many a subject I would not mind speaking to you about however.. It is soon time to begin the morning exercises for me. An Elder, should have respect. And for such you have already earned bowing my head is the least I can do. “

    “A man my age belongs only in a coffin!” he said and laughed at her. As always he ended up putting a wide smirk on her face. “It’s not time for you just yet”
    “If you say so. Good night, Jade.”
    “Good night Dymytri.”

    As she walked off the docks heading towards her horse, she could not help but to ponder. If he was right, any city, any house, had a spirit of its own. Which could be dangerous. Every animal had a spirit, every sword and item worn parts of its users energy, possible to scry for, possible to summon people by. So if he was right, one could technically if powerful enough, abuse the power of a city, to make every person who was there often enough, suffer? Die? Curse them? Torment and plague them? And if so was attempted, would the city fight back? Was its spirit strong enough?. She shook her head then and slapped her own cheeks. “Stop being so bloody stupid Jadefang… Fantasies and stories are just that, fantasies and stories. “ And with those words she slid up into the saddle and headed back to the rest. As she took the saddle of the horse that night she found herself stunned.. "This man.. Had I not seen.. If not.. No.. He can not possibly be my father.. "

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