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    I am many....


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    I am many.... Empty I am many....

    Post  Tula on Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:57 am

    I am many….
    I am a lot..
    I am….


    Looking out over the sunset, the sun down, moonshine.
    A little shadow against what as never is and never will fall in its beauty.
    But in truth a light. Just like the hope, the little light, shines my will, my true me, out over the changing sea. I have never failed to be stunned by how the curves on the water spreads out.. Widening, never fading.. Never ending…

    Low tides turns to high tides.. The wings of a butterfly can create a disaster. For others far away. So they say. That little butterfly, considered to be so unimportant, just like me. One person, one tiny little being in this huge thing called universe. An island can vanish under the sea, a city can be on hold, isolated because of the sea, trapped in the waves of the ocean. That little butterfly flies on, unaware of the reactions, the consequences, the waves of the universe. Silently I let the butterfly come closer.. My eyes, my senses, catches its movements..

    The thoughts.
    The actions..
    Slowly we meet, the butterfly and I..

    To me you may be a butterfly… Unaware of what you are. What you can do. What you can become.. Maybe you are one of those who is on the road.. One that knows exactly what you want… Truly want.

    Look beyond.. But as you see me I do not see my self. I can not chose how you see me. But know that I only will show you, what I want you to see

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