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    Post  Tula on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:04 am

    I tend to end up giving people the wrong impression of who I really am. Simply by being blunt, speaking to much about things that are shallow or sex, or make silly jokes or being rude and sarcastic.

    Usually few survive the first meeting with me, but those who will see eventually that I soften up and become more and more like I truly am. Those who don’t get a bond with me fast how ever don’t really get into the utter shell of who I am.

    Some observe and analyse when they meet new people, I do so to sometimes. Keep my self as silent as I can and watch and listen. But usually analysing people just goes all natural to me unless I get so involved in something that the analysing part has no room left to function.

    The first you meet me I either have my mask on, meaning I am shallow and stupid, or cocky and arrogant, teasing and playful or just rambling like hell. Or…
    I can be totally shy, insecure if and withdrawn if I feel I am being studied.

    It all depends on the day, the mood, the situation and the usual stuff.

    But don’t ever think you get through the second shell on the first try. The first shell has happened but not often

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